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Hackey5 Fabled

http://battlebears.vanillaforums.com/discussion/41354/hackey5s-complete-contents-of-balancing-2/p1 My work here is done. The amount of typing I've carried out while contributing to this forum and the BB Wiki as an admin over the last five years has reduced me to nub hands, so now, I've got just a few words to go. Thank you all for helping me earn the 500 Insightfuls badge before anyone else, for putting up with my long meaty paragraphs, for offering sound conversation, and for being a part of the profound event in my life that was Battle Bears. Who bothers to clear 80 rooms of Survival in BB-1? The cutscenes were always the best. Cheers to Ben and Trang for making possible this history and standing by to the end. It's been an honour. Shoutouts to Gnifle, Clinkzbone, piguyerrific, Latro, Appler, Psyche, Silence, thecheeselover, Khagen, Hakuna_Matata, Dr MilkyWay, Inflirtrator, TacticalWarrior, Dban1, Fluttershyisbestpony, TheLurker and BattleTouch279. You guys made it worth it.


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  • Well, I think it might be worth stopping by for the true third year anniversary. I, however, will not be checking those 1155 messages.
    December 2014
    • Fluttershyisbestpony
      Oh, hi there! Long time no see!
    • Latro
      Nice to see you again! :)
    • Hackey5
      Glad to be greeted by two most respectable people! Say, how about I stick around for a bit and catch up on the latest action?
    • grizz
      december 3 is your actual three year anniversary? that's mine too lol
  • Hakuna_Matata
    September 2014
    *lends a free cookie*
    August 2014
  • Dr_MilkyWay
    I have a feeling he was trying to be symbolic by making his final day here the day BBU came out. I don't think he's ever coming back, at least not on this account.
    July 2014
    • FREESH
      He left for good.
  • Onesy
    Even though I never actually talked to you, I can remember what you said...

    June 25, "I will say this now, thank you Dr_MilkyWay, SpectrumXIV, 1UP and LeCarpetron for joining the wiki community and forming the next generation. You guys are the ones to carry on the legacy, with Appler and Clinkzbone the fine mentors to guide you through."

    We won't let you down Hackey5, not now, not ever.
    July 2014
  • AbareKiller
    Farewell Hackey :(
    July 2014
  • Quantum
    NO! Simply terrible. This is perhaps one of the worst things to happen to the forum community in the past 2 and 3/4 years. This is yet more proof to support any of the scarce explanations for the problems that have been occurring in recent times. I am truly sad to see you go, as are many of us. You were perhaps one of the very few who would actually deserve the title "Fabled" beside your name.

    Your actions in this community, as well as in its games, will not be soon forgotten.

    July 2014
  • SM99
    I'll really miss you, hackey5.

    Goodbye mate
    July 2014
  • Hipster_Taco
    July 2014
  • Nuggetsaurus
    Who's @Hackey6 ?

    June 2014
  • Smitzerland
    Also why are a lot of your discussions blank now and all of the content is removed? Don't tell me that you're deleting this all.
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
    June 2014
  • Smitzerland
    You will be missed, fellow forumer. You always contributed and helped SkyVu's games improve a lot. I remember seeing you in a BBG match in the fall, and I thought you were a hacker. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and you'll always have a place in my memory of this forum in the future. I'll think of you as: "Hackey5, an outstanding figure who never gave up in anything he did." With you leaving, it is like a little portion of this forum is leaving too, never to return. I loved how you stated your opinion and most of the time, you were correct! Trust me, all of us here will miss your skills and how you conducted yourself. Farewell, Hackey, farewell. :,(
    June 2014
    June 2014
  • Clinkzbone
    So this is it, then? The final farewell?
    June 2014
  • Hackey5 changed his profile picture.
    June 2014
  • Epilogue.
    June 2014
  • MistahJiggzXD
    Why is your profile pic a big X, if you're still here?
    June 2014
    • Appler
      I believe he's not as active as before
  • SM99
    I remember when i first played this game and fighting against somebody named hackey5.

    Like, 2 years ago.

    zi thought you were a ahcker hoenstly. You were so good that you pissed me off so much XD
    May 2014
  • DoodleQuik

    May 2014
  • Dr_MilkyWay
    Most of your discussion topics are deleted. Why?
    April 2014
    • Dr_MilkyWay
      And more importantly, why were they all done on the same day a few days ago?
    • Dr_MilkyWay
      I've now found this same case for a couple other users. What the heck is going on?
    • FREESH
      Wait what happened
    • Hammad