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Spare them a penny SkyVu...

DreamerDreamer Member Posts: 591 Corporal
Hey guys the update is out, with the new character and the old Halloween skins including some new ones. However I am kind of dissapointed, because even if I'm the first to say it, we all know its true; SkyVu is starting to make everything gas cans. Everything included in this update has been gas cans. Halloween only comes once a year, and having everything gas cans is really dissapointing for people who don't buy gas simply because they really can't afford it right now.

We all understand that SkyVu is a buisness and without money they can't even make updates, so truly I am greatful for that but when something only comes once a year and everything is money than something is wrong. Let's take a look at everything that has been changed to gas recently:

-Old skins being changed to 15 gas cans, some even more than 15.
-Many old weapons have been changed to gas, some going for over 100 gas cans.
-All new classes have been 100 gas. We now only have 4 free classes and 6 purchasable classes.
-Much of the new content such as weapons has been leaning more towards gas. Some stuff released is still joules but not compared to how it used to be.
-The entire pro mode feature is gas, which was also recently implemented.
-The highly anticipated taunt system, which was known about well before release has been all gas.
-And now an entire update is gas cans which includes cosmetics that will only come once a year.

The question I have is if everything in Halloween is gas, then how will Christmas be? Everything, even the old Halloween skins are 50 gas cans and the new ones 120.

Now I'm not speaking for myself, I actually do purchase gas and will be for this update, however what about all those who can't afford it. At least give them some sort of gratitude for sticking with SkyVu since the beginning, even if they don't purchase gas cans, I'm sure they share what a great game this is with their friends. And they still play the game, without a player base we would be no where so thank them for that as well. Many of these players have been leaving for some time now, and having this full gas update isn't going to leave a good impression for them. If I was one of them, than I would be pissed as hell *excuse my language* but with all honestly I would. Start rewarding them a little more, after all they are a significant number of the player base, and for something once a year to be all gas, I would straight up call it ridiculous. Hopefully we have some sort of discount on Halloween day or something of the sort. Maybe have some stuff joules and have others at a 50% off.

That's my 2 cents. It doesn't revolve around me, but it does revolve around some of the players I enjoy playing with, so that's why I created this thread. I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween and thanks for reading, -Dreamer.


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