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BBO Tourney

AmazingelkAmazingelk Member Posts: 61 Recruit
edited May 2016 in BB OVERCLOCK
This is the forum post for the tourney I am planning, there will be a brief explanation and then the list of participants, this will be updated with new information when I have it ;)
The rules will be as follows:
Randomly Selected Partners
Best of 3 games
On the most part glitches are disallowed with the exception of:
The Jump+Bounce Pad Glitch (for avoiding those barf bags)
(Sorry if you don't like the above glitches, I think they add a tactical element )
The only weapons that are not allowed are EH(Electric Honey) and Futuristic Sniper(this was to be expected)and sp smg :/
The tourney will be a normal knockout style doubles tourney and here are the people that have agreed to play within the tourney(signing up will be a one week(ish) period from when this post first goes live:
(Leaving out clan tags and symbols)
Ted Rex
And that @oySTER guy
This is all I know of...
(I am in GMT so I cannot reply to things from about 10pm-7:30 am)
My kik is Amazingelk
Entry is now closed
Partners are being re assigned
Match one result is @NutellaTubby and @misterfred defeated @Cable and @Amazingelk

@NutellaTubby is also a Tourney Lubrication Facilitator (helps everything run smoothly)
Edit1: removed barf bag glitch cos it got patched
Edit2: Remembered to add random partners
Edit3: Banned sp smg :/
My actual name in game is "BSR Gelk", this will be updated if it changes


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