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Don't ditch this game!!

BUTTERYWILBUTTERYWIL Member Posts: 482 Recruit
edited December 2014 in BB OVERCLOCK
Guys don't ditch it maybe SKyvu has a big project on this and it will be a surprise.skyvu never fails us! (Don't bring up battle bears tv or past games)


  • SharShar Member Posts: 16,033 Fabled
    <font face="courier" color="#416600">:33 < .... im sorry i dont seem to understand mew!
  • OnesyOnesy Member Posts: 2,092 War Hero
    It just doesn't seem right :\
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  • MaRvelousJuiceMaRvelousJuice Member Posts: 3,403 Noble
    NO! I will do what I will chose to do.

    Unless my mom tells me what to do.
  • BUTTERYWILBUTTERYWIL Member Posts: 482 Recruit
    I just want to have hope in skyvu I know there doing something big
  • TheUndeadbronyTheUndeadbrony Member Posts: 1,260 Sergeant
    edited December 2014
    The forum is really dead now tbh.... I remember the old skyvu employees, and I think that really blew everyone off. For me, Nick was kind of the last straw. Sorry skyvu.
  • Holy_HoboHoly_Hobo Member Posts: 2,292 War Hero
    Poor treng.
  • BUTTERYWILBUTTERYWIL Member Posts: 482 Recruit
  • Melia_AntiquaMelia_Antiqua Member Posts: 1,492 Sergeant
    Hackey5 wrote: »
    giant titan of text oh lordy

    It's relatable to Borderlands and The Pre-Sequel, if I think about it your way. The thing about Ultimate/Pro, here, is that it had a myriad of problems since launch, especially considering older generation Apple devices were left in the dust when compared to Tegra 3 chip Android devices. The dumbfounding thing here, though, is that Pro did not have that same plethora of bugs and such in its BETA. The thing with SkyVu and Ultimate/Pro is that they, somewhere along the line, horribly messed with the optimization code and essentially, intentionally or not, made the game only optimized to the highest-performing devices (Which, again, were Tegra 3 Androids and top-tier Apples at the point of release). And the only update Ultimate got (Which changed it to Pro) made the game even more problematic. I'll leave the reasons out why, but the fact that the update also had fixes (Which, really, didn't exactly 'FIX' the problem) that didn't work was the worst aspect of that patch. And it's been nearly a year since SkyVu put out that patch, essentially making the game dead. I think that's probably the worst mistake SkyVu made when it comes to making new games. Though, in its case, it's actually optimizing Ultimate/Pro for lower generation devices, since they were able to download the game.
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  • Hug_of_WarHug_of_War Member Posts: 1,276 Sergeant
    Skyvu has never failed....I have faith that this community will stay alive forever and that Skyvu will continue to support BBG and all their other games. I have faith and confidence in the whole staff. Start advertising the game more. Skyvu, listen, your games are GREAT. The issue is.....people don't even know they exist because you have to advertise the game and spread the word. I have told my friends and cousins and classmates. Hopefully, the games will be on Google Play and the App Store forever. One last message: The community; Skyvu can NOT do it alone, they need help from the fans....don't be afraid to suggest cool things and tell people about the games. May God Bless, this community and Skyvu. DONT EVER LOSE HOPE, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS...DONT STOP AND KEEP MOVING! ~BBoss
  • Mindless_HuggableMindless_Huggable Member Posts: 1,895 Lieutenant
    well one thing sky vu may fail in is the update today...
    Apple is the one that fails us! They should stop being lazy!
  • StealthKillStealthKill Member Posts: 1,328 Sergeant
    The Battle Bears world really had some potential a few months ago... It still does have some potential, although decreased somewhat by recent failures. Some unprofessional issues in BBG, SkyVu's most successful game so far, just never got corrected. SkyVu has been climbing the ladder to success, then fallen into a cave on the way and has not been able to come out and continue ascending.
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  • DMADMA Member Posts: 2,212 War Hero
    I played BBP before. And there's no lobbies today. I make a lobby. No one even joins
  • ClinkzboneClinkzbone Member Posts: 3,291 Noble
    I can't even log in anymore.

    It just says connecting to server but never does :(
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,682 Fabled
    Same for me... cannot connect in the BBP server... it's a shame.
  • adapt_69adapt_69 Member Posts: 127 Recruit
    BBP sucks BBG is better :))
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  • lingthechunglingthechung Member Posts: 1,415 Sergeant
    edited December 2014
    BBP just doesn't have as much of the same appeal, well, as Gold/Royale. It would be a lot better of a game if the technical issues were fixed, as well as the mechanics being better straightened out at least, but overall for I prefer playing BBG/R, and don't really play BBP for now.

    There's a similar issue with Gold/Royale; perhaps instead of adding more and more content, more focus can be placed on maintaining or adding new servers, or dedicated to fixing errors. It's kind of hard to enjoy new content and the game in general when there are disconnections every couple of games or so.
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  • Charmer_777Charmer_777 Member Posts: 74 Recruit
    edited December 2014
    This is funny,it's like watching a couple of old Egyptians waiting for the resurrection of Pharaoh Ramcees.It'll take Skyvu a lot of hard work,improving and some special pills to get BBG back to it's former glory.

    The most essential part of this game,the community,has suffered a grest loss of players,90% of old gen players have left,both Palringoers and Forumers.Without a tight knit and active community you won't have much support.

    Skyvu listened to some biased fans on this forum and nerfed some of the things that kept everyone hyped,such as stacking and the original double jump.Don't believe me?Then you haven't noticed the game has been on a collision course since they nerfed those features.

    I deleted the app a while ago and so did a ton who have moved on to better games such as MC5,better yet forget killing bears,get yourself a girl and develope some skills in thay department.
  • Dban1Dban1 Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 9,508 Fabled
    Sorry, but I think I rejected myself from ever since they announced it was going to be the "new flagship game"
  • CommanderrenCommanderren Member Posts: 556 Corporal
    Slimefon will risen when BBP is back
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  • OnesyOnesy Member Posts: 2,092 War Hero
    Taven wrote: »
    Slimefon will risen when BBP is back
    I'm not sure that's possible :(
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  • smalliver365smalliver365 Member Posts: 746 Corporal
  • FozzieBownsFozzieBowns Member Posts: 220 Recruit
    edited December 2014
    BBG gets more attention than BBP because of the game structure. Example, BBP is an Fps game. For some reason people don't like the view of BBP because of the bugs, glitches, and that the game functions poorly. The system sometimes erases things and it becomes an error just like when people ended up falling into level 0 and 0 money. The other ignored features were the clan and armour features. You could make a clan and also add friends and send messages but it seems that nobody wants to do that because of the amount of time they've been spending playing Gold and there were so many differences between the game that people rather to stay with gold.

    Just my opinion,

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  • MudssunMudssun Confirm Email, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,150 Sergeant
    What they are doing is what has to be done. Either they will focus their resources into making one game fixed and superior to the other, or split their resources and make neither good. It was the right call, since everyone reacted more positively to BBG getting overhauls than to BBP/BBU potentially getting them.

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