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Battle Bears -1 (Nexus S 4g)

uniqueone85uniqueone85 Member Posts: 3
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I just downloaded this game for free yesterday on the android market and i had some questions and concerns. I noticed that the version i downloaded says development build in the lower right hand side of the screen, and it doesnt play as smooth as my other graphically intense games such as modern combat 2? Does this mean the version is have is not complete or it is an inferior version to the payed one? (if so i have no complaints, its free after all). Also do you plan to add the .99 cent version back on to the market, and if not will there be any updates to the current version i have? Any feedback will be appreciated :)

Thank you


  • 1nachoboy51nachoboy5 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,921 Noble
    The $1 version probably had many bugs and took it off the market. Use a suppost ticket instead and hopefully you get a response.
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  • uniqueone85uniqueone85 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks I will do that. And thanks for the info.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Recruit
    the version currently up is a port released in cooperation with TapJoy games. It is a test build with a final update coming out in the next few days, however do not expect much in the way of optimizations. 

    Currently using Unity we are finding that some android devices are handling the game very well and other that are comparable in system specs are having major issues. Since we currently only have 6-7 different android handsets to test on in the studio we are aware that there are many devices who will perform poorly, and at this point we will experiment with updates and optimizations based on user feedback. In other cases we may just blacklist the game entirely as we don't have much time to support this project.

    As nacho said, a support ticket will help us immensely, but the above still stands :)

    Hopefully as we move forward we will be improving our android development abilities in step with Unity improving guidelines and core compatibility - in the mean time, we are very sorry for the poor version of the game you are experiencing.
  • uniqueone85uniqueone85 Member Posts: 3
    @ SkyVu_MKingery Thank you for ur feedback... I have a better understanding now,and I appreciate that u guys try to make ur games work on as many phones as possible. I sent a support ticket yesterday, so I hope that helps y'all. The only real issue I have is more so framerate (especially when is use the bazooka), and loadtimes. Other than that I love it. I again thank u for ur response. And I hope to download more games from ya.
  • MrCoolDDMrCoolDD Member Posts: 4,572 Fabled
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    This thread gives me deja vu... Wait a minute...

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