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A Proper Goodbye

AlphaZAlphaZ Member Posts: 451 Recruit
Wow. I just logged in right now just to see what was going on and apparently it's my 5th anniversary of joining the forums... talk about timing right? Anyways, I never got to say a real goodbye to this place. The best thing about these forums were the people I met here, and even though we were all behind screens it was amazing how much of an impact some of you have had on the kind of person I was 5 years ago. I'm glad that I stuck to this game back then. Most games nowadays have incredibly toxic and intolerable communities that now I have seen how special the BB community was. To Skyvu, thank you for an amazing experience and I hope nothing but the best for your future. To the past people of the forum who may never log on again, and to the ones who are still here, the best of luck to your future endeavors and thank you for being an awesome community. I'll still be on discord so if you wanna talk or catch up as ξмвlзм#6393. Alas, I say to you all, one last goodbye to this forums, it was quite a ride.


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