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Differing Perceptions of what BBR2 Should Be

AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
Real quick before I explain the rest of this thread I will be making (and have already started) a series of threads. I am not expecting many reactions but that is fine. I am making these more so I can use them as reference and so that Skyvu can see them. However, all feedback is appreciated especially if you disagree with me. Respectful discussion regarding disagreements are usually among the most productive way to discuss these sorts of things.

Anyhow the topic of this thread is a point of disagreement that I have begun to realize for some time now that does not get much attention. That is, not all players in our community have the same idea of what bbr2 is and should be.

The main correlation I see is between the two main parts of the community Skyvu has had for some years. Bb0 players like myself do not see bbr2 as an updated version of bbg. We see it as being very similar, but in a way, a new game. It seems to me that many bbg players want something that is almost the same as bbg. Just with some content changes and balancing.

I do not think this will work.

Bbg is dead. This is not a secret. What bbg has done has not worked, and I don't think a simple downgrade back to what bbr was would really fix anything (although maybe it could). What we need to work on going forwards in my opinion is a new game, that is extremely similar to bbg but just different enough to be refreshing. How do we go about this? Well I have some ideas going through my head and I will propose them soon enough. But not for now. I think it is important that as a community we get on the same page first.

I know that all of us realize it will be a new game. But I am afraid that bbg players want this new game to be what bbg was to bbr. Basically the same with a few additions and changes. I think it should be more differing. The characters, weapons, and maps would roughly be the same. But the gameplay should change in some ways. So how will we make it feel substantially different? Again I will go over this soon enough but my last thread has some suggestions that I think would help.

Many bbg players say they want a new game but then cringe at suggestions of any real change. I agree changes to Riggs forearms indicate that Skyvu is spending time focusing on the wrong things, but bring up any significant changes and bbr players reel back as if you cursed their family.

I think bbg should be left behind. And what we should get is in fact, a 'bbr2'. Very similar, but different enough to warrant being called a sequel. I can attempt to make my case if some of ya'll would like to have a debate on this subject. No, nothing I have in mind makes this game more similar to bb0 in particular. Bb0's formula didn't work, the game died. But this is also why bb0 players have a different perspective. Our game is already dead. It will be shut down within the next couple of months and will never come back. I think it's time we start to let go of bbg and move forwards. To me, it only makes sense this way.
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  • AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 601 Corporal
    you can't satisfy everyone, but the everyone is primarily bbg players. i do agree with your sentiments though
    assert Alpha
  • Hackey5Hackey5 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 4,779 Fabled
    What makes a sequel? There needs to fresh appropriate additions, there needs to be quality innovations of the best stuff, and there needs to be relevant improvements of the lacking stuff, all while retaining the distinctive feel of the original. It's a fine line to walk, yet I still think the most important thing is hanging onto that feel. If BBR2 doesn't feel like a sequel, it may very well alienate loyal players, which is significant as these people are the ones who are already most tolerant of all the shortcomings of BBR as it is.

    The feel is physical design, gameplay pacing, nature of updates, developer attitude, and the cool little things; a culmination of all these things. Honestly, I don't think it hurts to add, change or even remove things, but if this does start impacting that underlying feel, this I believe is when players really start to lose faith. SkyVu should take care to ensure that we receive a true sequel, and not a modernised rip-off.
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