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The future state of the forums.

SkyVu_BrianSkyVu_Brian Member, Administrator, Community Manager, Quality-Assurance, Community Representative Posts: 137 SkyVu Employee
After a long time on using the vanilla forums to host the forums, it’s time to get ready to say goodbye to them. The current plan is to archive everything at the end of the month and shut down the forums. We are going to embrace the Discord as the social hub for all things battle bears and encourage you to post and chat over there like we did in this forum. The big reason for the move is because the discord is far more active than the forum and we feel is a more efficient means for players to interact with each other and the staff. I know the discord server isn't perfect yet, we will need to expand the channels for the server to be able to discuss all the different areas the forums currently cover. I've already talked to the moderation team about setting up a competitive channel where things like tournaments and ban lists will be kept for easy access. I know that some of you will be sad to see things go, like the “Bump this thread in 9001 days” will not be seeing a real bump. I’ll be sad to not find out what SSS really stands for. (Something Simply Sinister?)

If you would like to reminisce about the older days of the forum, feel free to. We would love to hear your stories.


  • EdgecatorEdgecator Member Posts: 1,665 Lieutenant
    I'm having this picture ready just in case something silly goes down again.
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  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,083 Underlord 2016
    rip the bump thread, maybe in future the forums can return when demand for it exists and we can bump it.
    SSS stands for SSP Sohey Lethal as the ultimate duo trio duo.

    as far as my forums experience goes it wasn't a big one nor was i here for a long time but i can at least talk about how the forums got me where i am. It all started on august 13th i think where i found out about IX and wanted to join, i made this forums account and asked to join. IX led me to kik which led me to STA which led me to git gud and then i got bored so i thought about balancing and things happened from that. Oh and i just remembered that i played quite a few 4v4s with the other forumers in a dm group which was one of the only times i ever used saberi seriously so that happened.
    Short story basically everything for me with this community started on the forums and i'm thankful this existed so it's sad to see them go. I understand why and maybe for the lingerers this will be the push to go to discord totally not referring to @Pirate
  • AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 602 Corporal
    Darn but i was waiting for battlebears squarespace 2
    assert Alpha
  • PsychePsyche Member Posts: 4,201 Exalted
    What exactly does "archive" mean? I understand the obvious concept that this place will be frozen and there will no longer be any activity, but does it also mean that all accounts will become de-activated and inaccessible, or will we still be able to log in in order to view private messages and personal data? If the latter is still true, will post reactions still be functional, or will they all somehow be permanently disabled also?
  • MuzzleMuzzle Member, MVP Posts: 3,643 Exalted
    I always had a bitter taste for this place but it’s also where a lot of the people I vibe with now came from. So brb I’m gonna go post on activity for the fifth and final time that I’m leaving the forums
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  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,688 Fabled
    ..I guess it was unavoidable... I will really miss this place...
  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,345 Noble
    It’s been quite a ride on this forum over the years. I really will miss the awesome pms and people I have met on this platform :(
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,688 Fabled
    @thecheeselover Me too... it was fun while it lasted.
  • FREESHFREESH Member Posts: 5,452 Fabled
    thats a bummer lol i just logged in to say goodbye
  • Soo__heySoo__hey Member Posts: 334 Underlord 2016
  • The_Desert_SeagullThe_Desert_Seagull Member Posts: 490 Recruit
    I haven't been around much for a couple of years now I guess, but there was a point where the forums really played a big role in my life, and I suppose I just want to say thanks to everyone for making it such a fantastic community. I still don't think I've ever been a part of one on the internet which has drawn me in as much as this one did.

    Also sorry for all the drawing requests I never finished
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  • Ex_bystanderEx_bystander Member Posts: 104 Recruit
    So I can’t lurk here anymore :'(
  • SpectrumXIVSpectrumXIV Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,037 Noble
    Wow this is depressing :(
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  • CarnageCarnage Member Posts: 1,910 Lieutenant
    Havent posted in a long time but I would like to be on one of the last official announcements before it closes :)
  • Crash_NebulaCrash_Nebula Member Posts: 464 Recruit
    I got a strange feeling today, something telling me to visit this place, now I see why, and I'm glad I did it. I'm so sad to see this place is getting shut down.

  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    It's a bit sad to see the forums closing down but I'm thrilled that all of my ridiculous, stupid posts will be archived.

    On another note, this place has been on the decline for years and most of the people I liked on this platform have been long gone. There was also, of course, a number of very annoying people. That being said, while there are some people that would be nice to have around still, I'm not disappointed with the people that stuck around.

    I never post much anymore, but I figured this would be a good place to have a last post. I don't think discord can really replace the forums, but this place is completely dead anyway so I don't see why it matters.
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  • FreddyDaReaperFreddyDaReaper Member Posts: 44 Recruit
    Been a while since I've been on the forums, but I'm sad to see them go :c
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  • GaniBattleBearGaniBattleBear Member Posts: 1,292 Sergeant
    edited June 21
    Uhhh I just came back but bye also JoJo Part 5 Anime announced
    yare yare daze

  • SkyVu_BenSkyVu_Ben CEO Posts: 269 SkyVu Employee
    Just confirming that October will be the wind down month for this vanilla forum. We'll be doing a full archive of it in September.
  • NooseOnTheLooseNooseOnTheLoose Member Posts: 579 Corporal
    edited July 2
    edit: time itself has answered my question

  • NastyyNastyy Member Posts: 247 Recruit
    damn i be missin the OG days, finding this **** after playing bbr as a random like I swear s8 brought me here shoutout the OG players... was gon try to join and ****... then brought me to pal... i miss the OG days of clan wars and when that **** was live.. now we here all grown up like it was nothing... BBG was a part of my life... Imy BBG nd skyvu keep up with that **** we can turn that game to like some Fortnite type ****.. Stay up Yall
  • TruChico1415TruChico1415 Member Posts: 168 Recruit
    Welp i dont even use the forum very much. So yeah. :| :| :| :|
  • Kiro_S_KiyokiKiro_S_Kiyoki Member Posts: 1,238 Sergeant
    I find it amazing that this place still exists yea. And it's a great thing we are moving to discord. I can forget about the embarrassment that was my early edgy teen years on this forum and focus on my future slightly less edgy teen years. Still a bit fond of BB despite not having anything to do with it for almost two or maybe three years now lol.
    Now instead of one of my usual philosophical but mostly insignificant quotes about life, how about just add me on Discord(Ipseit#6014) if you recognize me? If you do indeed know me then congrats you made it to adulthood, or are very close to it. Also don't think about too many things too often.
  • ScourgeScourge Member Posts: 1,279 Sergeant
    ten days from now, july 27th, will be my sixth forum anniversary.

    though I often forget this place still exists, it's tough to imagine it being gone. what's even tougher to imagine is that this forum used to be such an incredibly tightly knit community for a mobile game with a relatively small player base - the amount of stuff that went down here seriously blows my mind. and now it's over.

    thank you to everyone that interacted with me here - some of you made a lasting impact on me as a developing kid. you made me feel accepted, and it makes me sad that i'll probably never talk to you again, but it is what it is.

    thank you all

  • BobStuntsvilleBobStuntsville Member Posts: 1 Recruit
    Aw rip. And I just made an account :(
  • Cool_Uncle_SkeletonCool_Uncle_Skeleton Member Posts: 2 Recruit
    Aw rip. And I just made an account :(
    Me too :(
  • Hug2DeathHug2Death Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 6,792 Fabled
    Damn I guess the forums are going down for real now? Really unfortunate, loved coming to this place. At least everything is getting archived so I can see my stupid immature self
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  • SlateSlate Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 6,935 Fabled
    Wow, I haven't been on in a long time but something told me that I should check the forums. It's sad to see this place being shut down but it does make sense. The people in this community really left an impact on me and helped me to do things I would've probably never done talking to the girl I had a big crush on. And to everyone who helped me grow as a person thank you, really, thank you.
  • BattleBearsforlifeBattleBearsforlife Member Posts: 1 Recruit
    Its been a long while... We, every battle bear fan, all knew this would happen one day...but why so soon?
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,688 Fabled
    edited August 19
    Sadly it looks like it cannot be avoided... Kinda like the previous message board they had before this.
  • PsychePsyche Member Posts: 4,201 Exalted
  • Redleader555Redleader555 Member Posts: 2,803 Noble
    Well shoot. Still love all of you.
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  • NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,065 Sergeant
    edited October 5
    This place will die real soon and it's probably a good time to say what I feel about this place. Been on this forum for like 5 years. Technically 4 since I did nothing but report the rare chest bug in BattleBears Ultimate. Come to think of it... that was really the only reason why I joined this place...wowzers. I really miss the super active forums. All the dumb memes and the stupid things I did as a 13 year old XD. Now im almost into my adult years and now this place is like my dumb little time capsule. All the things I like seem to dramatically change. A Mother fan, a Lupin III fan (that one is most prominent here), and now some world history nut. (That's quite differant) I'm really gonna miss this place... the internet people I met sharing a thing we love in common... bloody videogames. I kinda wish to be more active in the Battlebears community right now... but it's not as lively as it once was for me to do it. Now I post things on instagram (link if intrested: ) because a lot of people I know use it. (Not that surprising) I'm quite sad to see this place go... wish the BattleBears franchise the best. The good ol' days I cherish the most.
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