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why did BBG meta stay stale for so many years?

SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,083 Underlord 2016
(if you're unaware what the meta was then it was just oliver/riggs and nothing else with huggable sometimes getting a spotlight)
For an incredibly long time the meta for bbg stayed the exact same but why? Well how metas evolve is by popular strategy becomes mainstream a counter is made to that strategy then a counter to the counter etc. But for BBG the counter to the original strategy was never found, being proliver/proriggs, because comp players would focus too much on those 2 classes and their dynamic together rather then coming up with other classes beating the current ones with certain sets. in addition to this whenever we had someone trying to use new stuff comp players normally would complain saying it was cheap even if it was just because they never learnt how to play against said new thing. This changed about a year ago when a ban list was formed no longer could players complain about classes as a whole without it being seen as salt and rather the OP weapons themselves this allows people to off class meaning huggy's popularity actually got the chance to come to be a about 3 months ago. But how do we continue the meta from here? With the current state of balance removing consistency and the ability to have a meta and it's a fair assumption as long as skyvu listens to the community riggs and oliver can return to their former glory, how would we then evolve the meta?
Graham. Graham's area denial allows him to greatly impact popular maps, space oddity and HIP lab, making him on par with the oli/riggs. Turrets specifically are the things we need to shape the meta, currently the best way oliver and riggs deal with turrets is melee but otherwise they have nothing so what can deal with turrets? aoe. This means b-1000 could replace riggs on teams and tilman could be a new addition to teams and new tech and sets could be found allowing for him to rise in popularity. Huggable also deals with turrets well so he could regain his popularity and we'd need a fast close range class to get in on the new tilmans as check. Well we have tilman countering graham but what about his counter? Astoria. Astoria is long range so she can easily snipe a tilman who is taking down turrets by shooting from afar unfortunately as she is now she can't pull off this role but with balancing we can assume she will be able to in future.
This is about as far as i can predict for potential meta evolutions once balance is more settled, what do you think could happen?


  • GarlicGarlic Member Posts: 1 Recruit
    Very nice remarks Rism. This reminds me of Prolivers getting salty when I started using Buster Cannon in comp and giving them headaches, constantly complaining that it was OP while it was perfectly balanced. The community is also to blame, everyone else should be more open minded about new strategies and metas, both SkyVu and the community must work together to make the game better in this case.
  • NastyyNastyy Member Posts: 247 Recruit
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