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Balance Changes 3-16-18

SkyVu_BrianSkyVu_Brian Member, Administrator, Community Manager, Quality-Assurance, Community Representative Posts: 137 SkyVu Employee
It’s been a busy 2 weeks but the new balancing changes are here! We appreciate your patience and we are ready to roll out the next set of changes.

Most of the changes are more subtle with the exception of a few items that the community had an overwhelming response to. Like last time, we have all of the changes listed in a google doc spreadsheet for those who like to look at the specific numbers. It can be found Here. This isn’t the end of the balancing process, so we would love to hear from you on your thoughts. You can either post your responses here on the forums, on the Discord or through our Feedback Form


  • Alex17Alex17 Member Posts: 1,614 Lieutenant
    Wow absolutely no reactions
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,688 Fabled
    Glad to hear you guys still work on these. The game is a bit old, but wow if it still rocks!
  • StupendomanStupendoman Member Posts: 667 Corporal
    edited March 17
    With good reasons. These changes are terrible and really Skyvu this isn’t the way to balance a game. You can’t balance a game asking the community how to do it and then applying changes completely blindly. Players lack objectivity, everyone wants to buff its favorite class and the result is an absolute mess like it’s now. I mean what’s the point of having classes still in the game while at this moment every class can do EVERYTHING the others can? It’s just plain dumb. Sniper with explosives, engineer weapons having more damage potential than assassin’s ones, and so on...
    The most retarded change is in the “heavy” class is just plain overpowered right now. How can a class have the most heath of all the roster have as well insane damage off the board at the same time??!! Right now Hivey league is 2 (2222!) shotting my Chub Scout. I have Doomstick so I have to get in range with them and I lose every duel every freaking time because on top of having a SECONDARY weapon that just is a copy of my Doomstick, which is a PRIMARY weapon (notice the difference).
    The icing on the cake is heavy’s primaries as well, miniguns with infinite ammo that just disintegrate you in a matter of seconds. The supposed “inaccuracy” of the latters is just a plain joke. Really how can you call this balanced? Heavy class shouldn’t have top damage while having the most health, bacause that’s the theme of another class that’s Assault. Heavy is so retarded right now you HAVE to bring one of its set on the loadout if things go wrong with other classes.

    Really Skyvu you have to wake up and test balancing yourself without rellying too much on the community because the suggestions are biased and this mess is the result.
    Classes have to be more setted apart from eachother, in the revamp you have to get rid of certain weapons or just give them to the right class (get rid of explosives with sniper, Greased Lightning isn’t abolutely in theme with Arbiter’s, etc.)
    Especially avoid ABSOLUTELY to apply changes completely blindly and carelessly like you did with the last 2 changes. The result are dumb and not of this earth changes like in the last patch Orbs with 10 sec reload time (ye you read it right they actually put a primary weapon with 10 seconds of reload time) lol :(
    Like this you aren’t balancing things but rather the contrary.
  • FREESHFREESH Member Posts: 5,451 Fabled
    why do u guys keep nerfing everything and buffing bounce lazer i dont get it
  • SingularitySingularity Member Posts: 1,256 Sergeant
    The doom stick isn't fun anymore. It just feels like a Boomstick 2
  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,083 Underlord 2016
    The doom stick isn't fun anymore. It just feels like a Boomstick 2
    That’s cus since it takes enough time to shoot again boomstick reloads at the same time making it a straight downgrade.
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