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Balance Changes 2-28-18

SkyVu_BrianSkyVu_Brian Member, Administrator, Community Manager, Quality-Assurance, Community Representative Posts: 137 SkyVu Employee
The recent balance changes made to Characters, Equipment, Weapons, and Specials are not going to be permanent. They are a culmination of all the available feedback provided by the forums, and the discord channel. There wasn’t much that wasn’t touched in the changes. I’m sure that all of our players have feedback they would like to share with us. We would love to hear it. Feel free to reference the guide to what has changed Here

Feedback form is located here Here


  • FluttershyisbestponyFluttershyisbestpony Member, MVP Posts: 3,965 Exalted
    edited March 1
    Quick feedback: the removal of two ammo on Energy Overflow is really idiotic, pardon my bluntness. The fun part about the weapon was the choices it gave compared to most shotguns: shoot single regenerating shots for chip damage on tanky classes (for when you want to avoid the reload time), charge up for that one huge blast to oneshot lighter weight classes, OR quickly expel both your ammo in emergencies, when you want someone dead fast and want to risk being helpless during the long reload time. No matter what its other stat changes were, Overflow now has 2/3 of the depth of mastery after this simple change compared to its former self. It was a lot of fun choosing between the single regenerating ammo shot, the quick double emergency shot, or the long windup charge shot. Generally speaking, more mechanics to master = much more fun weapon! :)

    Will post more (hopefully positive) comments on changes shortly after messing around more.
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,688 Fabled
    I'm afraid that from what I've seen on Discord, not many are actually happy with these changes...
  • ClinkzboneClinkzbone Member Posts: 3,305 Noble
    Ohhh wow that's a lotta changes O.o
  • Ex_bystanderEx_bystander Member Posts: 104 Recruit
    edited March 5
    New Oliver speed: 270x1.2(speed +2)x1.1(Acreambo Pistols)x1.1(Disciplinarian)= 392
    Maybe 2fast2quick
  • FREESHFREESH Member Posts: 5,451 Fabled
    did they really say the heavy assault rifles should be automatic pistols with 20% accuracy
  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    I don't know much at all about the current weapons, stats, ect. But I can say that I'm sick and tired of updates to characters stats.

    Why do we have to change characters speed and health all the time? Can we just keep it consistent? I know that sometimes certain characters truly need an adjustment for whatever reason. But in my opinion, it's rare. Soldier as he is now, is entirely different than he was originally and the same thing goes for most of the classes.

    We don't need to overhaul characters stats every other update. If we could please keep it consistent, I would appreciate it. Seems like everyone liked the characters as they originally were. I still don't understand why Astoria is frailer than Huggable. Whatever we decide for the characters stats, it should remain fairly similar. I would kind of prefer them to be closer to their original intent, mostly because they were well liked that way and made the most sense to me.

    Another thing to note is that adding characters that have stats that are extreme sometimes undermine the status of other characters. What I mean is that B-1000 being tankier than heavy undermines Heavy's status as the ultimate tank. I honestly don't even know which one has more health but it's something to note. Sniper being frailer and faster than Huggable undermines Huggables status as the pinnacle of a glass cannon.

    We should have a clear, consistent idea of what each character should be. Please stop changing their stats all the time.
    OKY was here
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