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Forgotten battle bears characters

TsarNicholasTsarNicholas Member Posts: 7 Recruit
Throughout the history of battle bears, there have been many characters (mostly bosses) that have been forgotten. Does SkyVu have any plans for these characters?.
1. The BearBear shop quartet
This group of singing huggables were pretty intelligent compared to the other huggables. Did they die?. Last appearance: Battle bears 0
2. The bearzerker
My favourite forgotten character. Oliver killed this behemoth in battle bears zombies, but it returned in -1. This time with armour. Last appearance: Battle bears -1
3. The Colbear
Many of us crapped our pants when we realised that we had to fight this dude. Last appearance: Battle bears Zombies.
Note: although these bosses were killed by Oliver in battle bears zombies, they all returned in other games. (Except for the Colbear.)


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