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What I want in the battle bears gold revamp part 2

TsarNicholasTsarNicholas Member Posts: 7 Recruit
edited February 11 in BB GOLD
1. Weapons that can only be achieved by completing certain tasks.
This is something that would make more people play the game. If you kill 13 people without diying, you get a weapon.
2. A single player campaign mode and a multiplayer campaign mode.
This would be awesome if it was in the game. It’s kinda like battle bears zombies, but with more bosses and new huggable varieties. The bosses include: The Bearzerker, Colbear, The bearzerker with his armour (from battle bears -1), the huggable worm from battle bears 0, the Mutant huggable octopus from -1 and the bear bear shop quartet.
3. Make the 2x damage powerup expire quicker.
Everybody hate the 2x powerup (except for the people who get it first). Please do this.
4. Add some NPC’s and traps in maps.
This would be pretty interesting
5. Remove Astoria and Saberi
They’re both useless
6. Add more characters!
7. Advertise the game.
Advertisements makes a game popular. Please consider doing this.
8. Add a bearbear shop quartet member skin for the huggable.
This would be amazing and cool.
And that’s about it.


  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    Please edit your original discussion with new stuff.
    1. I think missions to get rewards are cool but some players would never be able to get those achievements so those weapons would be locked away from them.
    2. We already have story games.
    3. It’s a 3x damage powerup when it should be 2x that’s the big issue with it
    4. NPCs sound like a lot of work for not much in return
    5. Astoria was one of the original classes why would she be removed when she can be balanced? Saberi needs a full rework as a class though.
    6. You should say what kind of characters you’d like to see e.g. a medic
  • ChaoTicKraZeChaoTicKraZe Member Posts: 438 Recruit
    Why 2 different threads for the same idea?
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