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What I want in the battle bears gold revamp

TsarNicholasTsarNicholas Member Posts: 7 Recruit
1. New Powerups (not talking about the equipment powerups).
A extra speed or extra ammo powerup would be nice
2. A different way to earn gas other than waiting several days, downloading apps, buying it or watching videos.
Maybe you could add achievements that give you gas?. If you kill 5 people without diying, you get some gas. If you survive the entire round without killing anyone or dying, you get some gas.
3. Remove the boosts that certain weapons give you.
I’m not talking about higher damage than other weapons. I’m talking about the 5 percent extra health or 10 percent more speed. Nobody wants to see a huggable with weapons that give 20 percent more speed and health.
4. More Easter eggs and secrets.
Many of us love that secret vomiting sound Easter egg when you spin your character around when you’re searching for a match. Add more things like that!.
Annnndds that’s about it.


  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,678 Fabled
    It would be nice to see some of these implemented in the game.
  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    more easter eggs would be great and so would other ways of getting gas like you said. but powerups already cause a lot of issues more could be worse. bonuses on weapons are needed so certain weapons don't fall behind or weapons don't become too strong with things like speed debuffs. melees also need those buffs otherwise the melees become only cosmetic.
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