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Hello people

SilenceSilence Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,773 Noble
Hi again. It's me. I made an account on this forum when I was 12, and then this one when I was 13. I was known as the thread master, with many a thread being started by yours truly. And its time, 5 years after my leave, to make one more.

I loved the battle bear series, staring off with BB 1 and then going on to Battle bears royale. Also see the names in the tags (silence is sexier than alucard and skyrenify, dathhugger, deathugger) deathugger, dathhugger and silence are all me. For a LONNNG time my tag was at the top of the forums xD surprised its still in the sidebar. While the forums were about the games, they were much more to me then that

I was thinking about the past and then this place popped into my mind. I made so many friends on here, so many nice people. I was trying to remember all of my friends, but funnily enough I can't. There were just way too many, the people on here were amazing. So to any of you old friends that remember me, I raise my glass to you. I haven't been on this forum in 5 years, so many have left as well which is sad, but life happens for a reason.

So how am I now? wow thanks for asking. I'm 18, and I'm starting university in a month, doing a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology. Somehow I managed to get decent marks in year 12 even though I didn't try AT ALL WTF I DONT DESERVE IT and also just got my first job. I'm starting going to the gym soon, and may possible (if I do well in university in first year ) join the military as a intelligence officer for the air force in 2019. I'm happy, and I am honestly tearing up while writing this post (even though i'm technically a man now fk why can't men cry) some of my favourite moments were on this place. Some of my favourite people were on this place. So to those people from old forums still here, those who decide one day in the future to visit as I have I reminisce about old times, to those new and also to those who will never see this, I wish you well and hope you have a great life.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. Smile, the same way you all made me smile. :)

And then, silence filled the valley.

EDIT: my steam is I don't use it much atm but will start in a couple months.
these days I play a lot of hearthstone (silence5050 #1832 on NA) and sometimes pop up on EU so add me there as well.
I've been dipping into league (just started two weeks ago username: silence5050) took my friends 3 years to peer pressure me into playing it.
also my twitter is silence5050 but I don't use it.
reddit is rohan556

add me anywhere you want, peace out :)


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