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BBG's Cel-Shaded Models vs. BBU's Cartoony Models

NooseOnTheLooseNooseOnTheLoose Member Posts: 579 Corporal
edited January 1 in BB GOLD
well, this is an interesting poll. The one small detail in both BBG and BBU that are rarely brought up are the character models. Both of these models are very unique and makes the games more appealing to the eye. sadly though, weaker devices have the models pixelated with no cel-shading and BBU's models have been replaced with FAR inferior models, but that won't stop us, will it?

So, which one will you guys pick? leave a comment below on your thoughts

BBG's Cel-Shaded Models vs. BBU's Cartoony Models 14 votes

BBG's Cel-Shaded Models
PirateFluttershyisbestponySlateDban1InstableGriffStormNooseOnTheLoosesmtonyBwearpoeSSP_RismSoo__heyChaoTicKraZeChoctoling 13 votes
BBU's Cartoony Models
TsarNicholas 1 vote


  • NooseOnTheLooseNooseOnTheLoose Member Posts: 579 Corporal
    BBG's Cel-Shaded Models
    personally, while i love the models from BBU and think that texture-wise, they're the best models in the BB franchise so far, I think that i really like the BBG models a lot more due to their cel-shading. while there are plenty of notable console games with cel-shaded graphics, i don't really see any mobile games with the style. The BBU models do look similar to many other mobile games, as plenty of mobile games take on a cartoony style. Well, because of this, i will have to vote for the BBG Cel-Shaded Models.

  • Dban1Dban1 Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 9,508 Fabled
    BBG's Cel-Shaded Models
    Cel-Shaded is the way to go. The maps from BBO are interesting, but don't bring that character design over
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,679 Fabled
    BBG's Cel-Shaded Models
    As much as the art style of BBU was awesome, I preferred the BBG style overall.
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