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forums are shutting down PLEASE READ

i wish i would never have to say this but, there is a huge chance the forums will shut down. im making this to hopefully get attention from people who come and go. please save anything important, and if you could help do a huge data save, get art, etc and save it to send to skyvu if they are unable to get a proper data back up from vinilla. the new meeting place is discord. discord is a mobile app that is used for gaming chats, and other discussion. the info is posted on skyvus thread about discord. i HIGHLY recommend joining us and checking in from time to time. dont think because the forums are going down that battle bears is dead, its absolutely not dead, ben has a plan. we have to believe in him and let him do his work. im going to miss this place, but lets meet in discord and bring the memories there! hope to see you on the field soldier! GRIMREAPER0100 OUT
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