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The state of BBG’s powerups

SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
So do you like where they’re at? If you don’t know exactly what they do:
Bear scream sandwich- x3 damage for 20 seconds
Shields- invulnerability for 10 seconds
Imperial basket grande- increases your health equal to 50% of your maximum health into overhealing you to double your maximum health.
Small health- gives a maximum of 35 health based on how much health you have until maximum and does not overheal.

So how would you change it if at all?
What i would do:
Bear scream sandwich only increases damage by 2x
Shields stay the same
IBG now only increases your health by 40%
Mini health stays the same but cannot be picked up by full health players.


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