BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES iOS 11 update with new AR mode is available now
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Battle Bears: Zombies AR - Discussion Thread [OUT NOW!]

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After more than five years, Battle Bears: Zombies finally got an update for iOS devices; the 8th Anniversary Edition! Everything you need to know can be found below:

From the BB Twitter page:

These same teasers can be found on the BB Instagram and Facebook pages.

From this thread:

  • AR (Augmented Reality) Survival Mode:
    A brand new mode for BB:Z! Using AR technology, you must defend yourself against hoards of Zombie Huggables once more, but this time, in real life. This is a survival mode where you're tasked with shooting down as many Zombie Huggables as possible for as long as you can survive. You can turn your device in any direction to check your surroundings, which you should probably do; a Zombie Huggable could be right behind you. Tap anywhere on the screen to fire and get rid of those pests! The Pink, Orange, and Blue Zombie Huggables have brand new character models in this mode, making them more terrifying than ever!
  • Updated menu screen with a special message to us from the game's creator, Ben Vu! Thank you so much!

The update is OUT NOW! Get it here:


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