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BB ZOMBIES re-released on Google Play after 6+ years

SkyVu_BenSkyVu_Ben CEO Posts: 269 SkyVu Employee

It's back! TJ and Jason miraculously brought it back from the grave after 3 straight days of 64-bit hell. It ALIIIIVE! Get it here

If you purchased it 6 years ago, it'll be a free update. Otherwise, Google Play won't let us move it to free temporarily, so we have to keep it a paid app on Google. Whereas, it's still free on iOS for the rest of the week. Thanks to all the Android players who kept requesting BBZ on Android. It's like Andy in The Shawshank Redemption persistently asking for books for the library, then it finally happens.

We should be able to get BBZ updated in time for iOS 11 (hopefully with a little surprise). But a BB-1 and BB Zero restoration will be a while as our focus shifts back to BBG/BBO.


  • NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
    When does it become free?
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  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,344 Noble
    wow :D I can’t wait to downlaod bbz on my android tablet
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
    I was waiting for that video to load for so long only to realize it was a still picture.
  • SleepylilReapySleepylilReapy Member, Moderator, MVP Posts: 3,810 Underlord 2016
    Will it stay on the Play Store?

  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    IOS and paid for it in 2013 so rip me
  • SkyVu_BenSkyVu_Ben CEO Posts: 269 SkyVu Employee
    @SleepylilReapy it will stay on the Play store forever, or at least until Google requires 128-bit code. Google Play doesn't allow a paid app to move to free then move back. So we're keeping it paid for now and will use any revenue from our legacy apps to fund BBG/BBO development.
  • FluttershyisbestponyFluttershyisbestpony Member, MVP Posts: 3,963 Exalted
    @SkyVu_Ben Just wanted to say that, despite the major downscaling and general hardships throughout the years, it's really awesome to have more transparency and direct communication back, like the old days. :) Sincerely, thank you and your team so much for making it available again, I'll be sure to grab a copy for my Android phone!
  • SkyVu_BenSkyVu_Ben CEO Posts: 269 SkyVu Employee
    Thanks @Fluttershyisbestpony I really appreciate that. Again, thank you for your support over the years.

    NEWS: I was able to re-release BB ZERO: Wil's Finest Hour on Google Play and it actually works on two of our Android devices. I tried BB-1 but it crashed at launch on the two devices, so it'll take a good amount of work to get it running. But at least Android players can enjoy two of the classics.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. I'll be reminiscing about this same weekend in 2009 when our journey truly began.
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
    Did making the game 64-bit change it at all?
  • BwearpoeBwearpoe Member Posts: 173 Recruit
    @SkyVu_Ben Doesn't Google Play have the sales function?
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