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Happy 8th Birthday BATTLE BEARS - Important iOS 11 news

SkyVu_BenSkyVu_Ben CEO Posts: 269 SkyVu Employee
8 years ago, we launched our first game on the App Store. It was called BATTLE BEARS and was later titled BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES (BBZ). Little did any of us know what an incredible journey would follow. To celebrate we've made all the BB TRILOGY GAMES (BB-1, BB-0, BBZ) all free on iOS this week. Grab them while you can because this next paragraph:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of iOS 11 no longer supporting 32-bit apps, BB-1, BB-0, and BBZ will not run and will not be shown on the iOS 11 App Store. This is a strict policy handed down by Apple, we apologize for this and will revamp the games for iOS 11 if we are able to step away from BBG/BBO to do so. Because BBZ has a special place being our very first BB game, we've been trying to get BB ZOMBIES updated for iOS 11 with a little surprise. I'll have more details if our coder is able to work their magic on BBZ's ancient code.

PS: I love the updated forum icon! The 8 YEARS looks great with Oliver and it happens to be his favorite number. Thanks to those who worked on it.


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