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I'm back! Also, how do you reset your password?

deathbyhuggabledeathbyhuggable Member Posts: 1 Recruit
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Hi guys, I'm an old time player from BBR. I started in 2012, made a ton of friends, joined a few clans, just had a ton of fun in general. I retired in sometime in 2015 or maybe early 2016, and I just remembered about this game. It was my childhood. It trained me for all the games I play now. I feel really nostalgic just thinking about my experiences, and I'm wondering if there are any other old time players who feel the same or even still play. I thought I saw Fluttershy in a recent thread, and oh god I remember how I worshipped back then. Good times. Anyways, my name was l1k3 4 b4us (like a boss) and I was in TNT+585. It's so nice to see the community still thriving. Here are some videos I'd like to share from back in the day:

Edit: I can't remember my password and the game doesn't send me an email, how do I get my account back?


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