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NYCO ART #4: CRUDE WHITEBOARD DRAWINGS (and something else to go along with it)

NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
Below are a bunch of crude whiteboard drawings that will boggle your mind (or enlighten you). Also I would like to say something (or type). NYCO ART #5 will have an updated and full body drawing with these characters you see below.

Full body proportion and the internet will help me draw better. Also it'll also give me a new hobby besides Video Games and Expensive LEGO sets. Now enjoy these crude drawings that are made in Weeb class a year ago.

Freaky character huh?

The inspector's hat boggles my mind.

Your favorite (or my favorite) lady's man and thief.

Your favorite (or my favorite) woman hater and bodyguard with a cool hat.

an even more crude drawing of the woman hater.

This is Eugene the squid kid. He seems to be excited about that big weapons update in the original Splatoon.

Away from the weeb classroom. There was a crude bracket to a High school smash tourney... I love me Ness.

A Lucio drawn by some other dude before my class period. Was tempted to draw that speech bubble.

In response to the drawing above. My main reminds the students what time it is.

Welp, that was the whole entire collection. If you want more cringey art. Click the "NYCO ART" tag with 9000 megatons of force and cry to your parents that you broke your keyboard for playing CS-GO.
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