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BBG OR BBR??????????!?!?!?!?!?!????!?????? (vote for free gas)

NooseOnTheLooseNooseOnTheLoose Member Posts: 579 Corporal
Lego bricks are sexist as heck and everybody who uses them are sexist male scum that should die, the tubes fit into slots and thats how they fit together, but are there any hole to hole pieces? No. Any tubes to tube pieces? NO. And i'm so ticked that there has never been a transgender lego minifigure, or an asexual minifigure, or a Bigendered minifigure, and all the lego figures have the same molds, the same shape of body, wheres the diversity? Why cant there be overweight figures? Why not anorexic ones? Oh, because it would be dumb? I hate you, I hate lego, I hate everybody.


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