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Here goes nothing...

candyissweetcandyissweet Member, MVP Posts: 4,405 Exalted
As I'm typing this, I'm the only "forumer" online. It's been a while since I've used that word. I wonder how many people this message will reach considering that desolate atmosphere that now fills the air. Even today, the forum is like a second life to me where I escaped to when I was lonely. I'm glad that other people are still here to share their feelings too.

I'm making this thread not to remember the things that have happened, but to offer an explanation for what happened. All of this is entirely subjective and based off of my observations since the decline of Battle Bears. But I hope all of you will take my point of view into consideration.

Battle Bears has had a history of being quirky and hilarious, but with blood, vulgar language, crude humor, etc. (I haven't played the games in a while so I can't remember everything on the top of my head) That was the Battle Bears that most of us still here loved.

But we have to remember that Ben isn't only a game developer; he's also a father. I speculate that Ben's dreams to continue this franchise was probably restricted by the dilemma on whether to continue directing Battle Bears to its intended age group or to change it's course so it's more suitable for his son. If you're the father of a growing child who also happens to own a game with questionable appropriateness for children, I'd say that it must've been very difficult for him to decide what to do with his games. If you're a game developer, you probably doing it not only for the money, but also for the passion. If you're putting so much time into making a game that your own son can't play, then what's the point.

I can't conjecture with complete certainty, but looking at the course the game has taken, I think I can safely claim that this dilemma could have had a strong effect on his choices later on. With the release of Battle Bears Ultimate/Overclock, the franchise made on obvious turn in its intended audience. But this didn't fit the desires of our community, so slowly, people trickled away, finding new games to play. A community for such young audiences is difficult to cultivate, given parental restrictions for these gamers, so ultimately Overclock failed.

And here we are today. I've looked about the fate of Battle Bears in this way for the past one or two years, and it's helped me recognize that the death of the franchise is no one's fault, it's just how things rolled on. Despite all the disappointments, I'm still glad that many members of this community still lurk on this site or at least visit. Even if the game may be dead, there's no doubt it's had a remarkable impact on all our lives, mine included. SkyVu may now be on a new path, but the community we've developed will always be in our memories. Wherever this new path leads us, let's all hope the best for Ben, SkyVu, and the rest of our fellow forumers.

Love you all :)


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