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My Review of Barbearic

AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 586 Corporal
* I will add the hard mode review of bb:z to this sometime*
Oliver Barbearic:
Long, and fun. Compared the others i really enjoyed this alot. The mecha bearzerker was not really hard, and the spaceboss was a little annoying.
TL:DR Good campaign with no real complaints
Wil Barbearic:
Really short. Though it was challenging, as arrow is useless and boomstick has bad range. There are no upgradable weapons, and the 1 satellite i found did nothing. Powerups spawn much less, and wil really needs to manage distance as he can only fire 1 round before reloading. The huggables are harder to fight, as you have to get closer and you only have so many pellets per shot.
TL;DR Wil barbearic is short, and actually more challenging.
Riggs Barbearic:
The main thing I noticed was the tedium. I think barbearic gives huggables more health and makes some powerups weaker. Even with that, all you really do is spam upgraded weapons(when the bars are gold) and then just collect the powerup drops. Powerups seem to spawn normally, which is also a problem, as they spawn in abundance normally. The cutscenes are still great. Also I beat tentacleese in about 4 seconds(upgraded bearzooka is powerful, i guess), so i can't say that much about him.
TL;DR Riggs barbearic is tedious, and sort of hard

assert Alpha


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