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Interesting concept art from an unreleased Battle Bears game. Feel free to add more if you have any.

DaHuggableDaHuggable Member Posts: 130 Recruit
This concept art is from a couple of years back, relating to a Battle Bears "mech" game, that was posted on SkyVu's Instagram. It looks very similar to a tower defense game, like Clash of Clans. Maybe it was meant to be an early idea for Battle Bears Fortress? Who knows. Maybe it will be used for a future Battle Bears game if one ever comes.



I've also noticed that they've used the same mech from the first photo in a Battle Bears Overclock concept art, except mirrored and slightly altered.


As an extra, there was this Battle Bears Zero haunted house map that I don't recall being in the final release. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't fully remember.


Yeah, that's pretty much it. If anyone else has anymore concept art that may have been more hidden than others, you're more than welcome to share in the comments.

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