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Ideas for reviving BBO

Unbearable_Unbearable_ Member Posts: 2 Recruit
So, this is my first discussion and my first time using the forums. I'm not even sure if I put this in the right place, so please bear with me.
I feel like this game still has a lot of potential. Although not many old players are left and most of the new people that join end up leaving within a week or two, this could all change if an update was released.
So, me and S8 Kissmybearbutt were discussing this in the BBO chat.
Oh and btw, these are just theories. I have no idea how funding and updating a game works but I wish I did.
If a popular Youtuber found out about this game, I'm sure that many people would try it out. I'm not positive that Ben would notice the flood of newcomers and want to make an update, but it's a chance.
I would not mind unskippable ads after games. That might also help with funding.
So, my theory is that more ads or in-app purchases leads to more money. More money leads to more interest in the game, which leads to more updates. More updates means more new players. More new players means more in-app purchases, which leads to more money, and so-on.
Oh and my other theory is that most of the new players nowadays come from searching the word "Overwatch" on the app store :neutral:

Do you guys have any other ideas for reviving BBO?
Thanks for reading this boring "discussion."


  • Unbearable_Unbearable_ Member Posts: 2 Recruit
    edited June 2017
    Wow people actually clicked on my discussion :/
  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,344 Noble
    edited June 2017
    -More support from SkyVu themselves-A year without updating a game that they just rereleased is just pure disappointment
    -Someway to entice bbg players to bbo
    think-bb has built a huge fanbase from bbr to bbg,and if bbo could tap into that fanbase(along with winning some players in competitive bbg) could really raise the prospects of bbo having support-there are a lot of bbg fans that have supported bbr to bbg(like old pal @Fluttershyisbestpony )and that kind of dedication can have a huge amount in determining whether a game will live or die.Systems such as the ones which offered incentives for transferring from bbg to bbu(you get benefits such as weapons,and the like)
    -I will also point out one of the main things that had made BBR/BBG as successful as it was was the community interaction.There were blogs and hype trains running at full speed (such as that showed a enormously strong connection between SkyVu and the players.
  • StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
    Get updates and that's how they can revive BBO
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  • StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
    Clans need to be unlocked too
    And change the maps into BBU maps
    And yeah that's it
    If you want to join BearRaiders. PM @Starc
    Starc's kik: .starc

    Before joining BR clan, please read the guidelines:

    "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects." -Albert Einstein
  • ChaoTicKraZeChaoTicKraZe Member Posts: 438 Recruit
    edited June 2017
    The biggest problem is the lack of attention from SkyVu, if the game got updates then the old players wud not have left. Another problem is that BB in general isn't advertised that well. The only reason I knew BBO came out was bc they changed the loading screen for BBG, which I found from a friend. I never even knew about BBU until I heard BBO soft launch players moaning about its failure and I've played BB since BBR! So yeah, I think attention from SkyVu and advertisement need to be improved to save the game
  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    You don't.
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