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Exactly one week from today, we'll have gone a full year without a single update for this game.

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Today is May 21st, 2017. The last update for Battle Bears Overclock released on May 28th, 2016.

To put it simply, we are in almost the exact same situation as BB Ultimate. Besides the benefit of still being able to play the game, the game is practically dead in the eyes of most currently-standing Battle Bears fans, all silent lurkers who no longer invest time in the series, and, unfortunately and most importantly, SkyVu themselves.

Most people who were once dedicated players abandoned the game entirely, others who still stick around now play much less often, and those who have not touched the game are now completely and rightfully convinced that it only exists to serve as a waste of time and resources. SkyVu employees besides Ben have not appeared in-game since the last update, their social media team changed all profile pictures back to the BBG app icon, nothing has been said of the game's fate over this time span despite sometimes being directly asked, promises made back then still have yet to be fulfilled, dozens of balance requests have yet to be incorporated, features that were once in BBU are still not present, no one from the company has appeared on the Forum in three months, and now, all focus is being directed towards BBG, Virtual Reality, and... Let it Goat 2.

I should point this out again because now I feel it needs to be mentioned every time I have a serious talk regarding BBO:
There is an in-game friend list and fully functioning Clan system in Let it Goat 2... but not BBO. I swear, it feels like these systems are the exact ones specifically programmed for BBO, but at the last minute they decided to cram the code into a completely unrelated game. If that isn't complete, official confirmation of BBO being dead at this point along with everything else mentioned, I don't know what is.

I know I keep saying that this is all depressing to think and type about, but it really is. This game had huge potential... twice; once in 2014 with its original incarnation, Battle Bears Ultimate, and again in 2016 with Battle Bears Overclock. SkyVu indirectly destroyed this potential both times for almost the same reason: a lack of support. The only reason BBG managed to become as massively successful as it was is because SkyVu actually updated it with new content every few months, sometimes within almost the span of a month. They catered to player feedback and did their best to create a thriving community and keep it alive by providing new content for players to discuss, and as every oldie here should know, it worked brilliantly. The same thing could've happened with both BBU and BBO; if they actually updated the game with new content every few or so months, they would've attracted new players and expanded their existing community. If BBG continued to get updates alongside BBU/BBO like we were promised, it would've been twice the activity, twice the profit from in-app purchases, and twice the amount of fun provided, memories experienced, and community interactions and growth.

But, it didn't happen. SkyVu didn't consistently update BBU in 2014 because of their assumption that the game was forever doomed from its unintentionally horrendous launch. To this day, it still doesn't happen. They didn't consistently update BBO in 2016 because of... some reason I'll never be able to determine, and that's what makes me more upset this time. Why haven't we received an update for this game since May of last year? Is it because of the shifted focus towards VR and Let it Goat? Is it because they think we all would rather still play BBG instead? Is it because of budget restrictions? Is it because they'd rather cater to their investors instead of their dedicated fans? Is it because they again think this game failed in some way? Is it because some programmers that once worked on this game are now likely gone?

The true answer will never come to me or almost anyone else due to how vague this situation is. For whatever reason, everything just... stopped. The Mystic and Twilight Forests were released almost exactly a year ago, we later got a promise for B-1000, Free-for-All and the Clan system, we got like one or two balance updates, and then... it stopped. No words, only tweets relating to VR, one measly BBG update much later that admittedly seemed rushed, and now, the completely unexpected release of Let it Goat 2 and a few tweets for another upcoming BBG update that likely won't be that amazing. Nothing else, BBO has been left completely in the dust for almost a full year now.

I honestly don't know what to say anymore. I really do appreciate that I'm still able to play the game this time compared to 2014, but every time I drop by, I don't play for very long, I get bored. I want new weapons to use, new features to play around with, old features from BBU to relive good memories with, and other things ported over from BBG and other Battle Bears games. I've done literally everything there is to do in BBO's current state, even including reaching the top of the Sporest trees (not the mushrooms). A full year without an update almost completely discourages me from sticking around for long periods of time whenever I play, and I feel hurt every time I think about it. Things could've been so much better.


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    Bloody hell, that's a scary discussion you made there mate.
    I think just about the same as you do Mr. and I always think why dId they make "Let it Goat 2" Sure I like Let It Goat (classic) as it's a great challenging endless runner. But the online in the sequel is completely unexpected and no one really cares about the online multiplayer. It's like that game Battle Run (I think it's called that) but with less care....

    Aaaa piss, BattleBears is on a IV now. Only living off by old fans just waiting for a miracle update to happen or what so ever. I played Sky Vu games because I saw something unique in their games. It was a fun and easy to play experience with a fantastic community dropping bomb shells filled great Battle Bear jokes and fan creation that aren't bad but fantastic in it's own way.

    But that's an unrelistic fantasy now... I always wanted to have a great toast with the community every time something great happens. But now it's just the very small surviving community only drinking because they are sad that the entire battle bears franchise is not taken care like it should have.

    If you happen to read this (but that would be a miracle). Give us the word to what is happening right now. If ain't good, tell us anyway. I think we all can work something out because we damn well sure know that we don't want this game D-E-A-D.
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    @SkyVu_Ben I really hope you are reading this. The VR set is a great idea and all, but don't forget that it's this saga that made you reach this far. Abandoning it for an app where all you do is set furniture or do internet shopping in virtual reality isn't that appealing for everybody compared to a great challenging game full of loveable characters!
  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,344 Noble
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    Really we are left with a game that could have been something beautiful.I really have no idea of the direction that SkyVu intends to take.
  • WingedDragonWingedDragon Member Posts: 696 Corporal
    So many tales to be told.
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    We should go on strike XD
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    The one who still comes to forums and plays the game after their lack of communication is stupid..... Ik I'm here as well but that's because Google keeps showing me the activity of the forum.
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    This was the first game I played from SkyVu and I quite enjoyed the game and I also thought there was a lot potential but to be completely honest. The lack of response from SkyVu among leaving the game to die doesn't really make me want to invest time/money on anything else they make in the future. It's upsetting and very disappointing, this is how you lose customers.
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    rip in kill lmao
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