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GUYS I NEED YOUR HALP PWEASE (sahrry for the capslock)

APOCALYPSEAPOCALYPSE Member Posts: 378 Recruit
edited May 2017 in Community
Hallow everybody! How is it goin?
As you may (or may not) know, ive been producing music for 3 years or so now, and id really enjoy knowing that people like it as much as i do love to produce it. Well, you see, there's some french radio thats organizing some kind of Talent poll for unknown producers, singers etc... to be showcased. And as you guessed it, im participating! But, i do need some votes in order to be seen by the radio owners, so that they give my song a listen and see if they like it or not. So basically, the only thing im asking you is to click this link:

create a free account (do not worry, they wont send you any ads or ask for anything too personal), and then click the "vote" button for me... Thanks so much for every support boys! Btw please, PLEASE share this to the highest amount of persons possible so that i have all the chances to maybe continue! Thank you again, I love y'all <3


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