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Which maps (preferably three) from BB Overclock do you think would work best in BBG? [Poll]

InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
edited May 2017 in BB GOLD
Due to my recent activity post sparking interest, I felt that a few polls were in order, one for each game, so here it is. Title is self-explanatory. If you want, you can comment on the choices you made to start up some juicy discussion. Remember that you can select multiple options.

Because Vanilla doesn't normally allow users to select multiple choices, I used Straw Poll for this instead. Click this text to be taken to it.


  • InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
    edited May 2017
    I chose Sporest, Sky Pirates and Neo-Omaha because they are the most well-designed maps in BBO and each of them would work just as flawlessly with BBG's mechanics.

    Almost nothing would have to be changed, the literal only things I can think of doing are adding some invisible walls in every map to prevent players from reaching high points they aren't supposed to get to, and removing the teleporters in Neo-Omaha and replacing them with Jump Pads that reach to the rooms the teleporters normally took you to.

    I honestly can't imagine any of these maps becoming unbalanced with BBG's weapons or mechanics, seeing as Sky Pirates is just around the size of Haunted Castle and the other maps can compare to existing BBG maps. There are plenty of spots to camp, open space for close encounters and enough walls for more defensive play, and because of that, these maps cater to every player's tastes. I'd love to see these maps come to BBG, they'd work incredibly well.

    The other BBO maps, on the other hand and in my opinion, were not designed to be possible to work in BBG at all. They're all too small and have way too many walls and obstacles, making it possible for obnoxious explosives to fly all over the place and collide with everything. It would be disastrous.

    Edit: I remembered that the Jump button is a Gas item, meaning Sporest would be horribly unbalanced if nothing was adjusted. I still think it would work great if there was a pathway placed on top of the tree platforms so that players can still reach the top without needing to jump.

    If SkyVu is too lazy to do something like that, however, I'd replace my pick with Underworld.
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,678 Fabled
    Sporest, Sky Pirates and Mystic Forest for me! (Taken from the previous thread, this is where I voted, so...)
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    Although sporest would work the best it's not navigable without jump and those who paid for jump would have a huge advantage it's also very open and the sniping points would have a huge advantage. So SkyWorld Neo and Mystic for me, mystic has lost of places to cover which lots of bbg maps have
  • InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
    Oh... I forgot about the Jump being a Gas item.

  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    Neo-ohama, sky pirates and underworld.
    More big maps and those 2 work with bbg mechanics.
    Underworld is fun and would work in ffa really well
  • FREESHFREESH Member Posts: 5,449 Fabled
    whichever one is the garbage world
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
    Oh... I forgot about the Jump being a Gas item.


    Wasn't it free at Gold's start? I think that's when I got it

  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    Mystic Forest is definitley one of Overclocks best maps.

    Neo Omaha is good but it is incredibly jank for 1v1's, and both it and Sky Pirates can be kinda campy and are a little vulnerable to abuse of the jump pads (ice traps). They're good maps but they have some issues, and i honestly think Mystic Forest is more well rounded. Mystic Forest is not similar to any BBG maps, allows for a variety of combat situations, has well placed spawns, and works well for both team games and 1v1's. Definitley has my vote.

    Sporest is another good one, no real issues with it and definitley one of Overclocks best maps.

    My third choice would actually have to be either Neo or Science Lab. An important consideration is the powerups in BBG, and i don't think Sky Pirates has many good places for the powerups. Candyland is just all around terrible, and Underworld already has problems with the start (charge shots lol), it would be even more hectic with powerups.

    Neo, despite its problems, is well designed and has a layout that works well with BBGs system. Science Lab is another good choice, with a good map layout and a bit of an emphasis on close range combat. Many of these maps would need to be scaled up for BBG. I will choose Neo for the last one, however, simply because it's more iconic and tends to have more popular aesthetics.

    Mystic Forest
    Neo Omaha
    OKY was here
  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    I do think most of these maps WILL have to be adjusted, forgot to mention this. Sporest would need some more cover, and higher points made slightly more accessable. It should also be made larger.

    Most maps will need to be scaled up as well. Even Neo would be a little small for BBG imo, the Overclock characters are just smaller in size than BBG characters so they would need to be scaled up proportionally.
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  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    @AbsoluteZero you're using quite a few of problems maps have in bbo rather then bbg
  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    Dujuran wrote: »
    @AbsoluteZero you're using quite a few of problems maps have in bbo rather then bbg

    I understand the reasoning behind any of the other choices with the exception of candyland which i despise. I honestly think a pretty decent argument can be made for any of the other maps, and they are all gems compared to 'Steamyard Blues', which is so terrible i think even Candyland would lowkey be a better replacement. I get why Sky Pirates might be appealing, and i honestly agree that Underworld would likely be fun for FFA games. However, if i am forced to pick only three, I would not pick those two. Skyworld is actually surprisingly solid for 1v1's if you ban the ships and upper areas, and it's a great map for team battles too. But again, i don't think it's very well designed with powerups in mind, i think the placement of powerups on the map would be awkward at best and likely not very balanced.

    You'll notice that while i did mention some problems these maps have in Overclock, i did discuss how i felt they would work with BBG mechanics. Yes, i know jump pads are more balanced in bbg than in Overclock but to be quite frank jump pads have been having issues for a long time, they are still abusable in bbg (although not as much) and in bbg they have a tendency to randomly kill people. They don't destroy maps but they do make them slightly less appealing sometimes (although, sometimes they can also make for great maps like desert airmine). I think Neo Omaha is an awful map for 1v1's even without considering jump pads, simply because it's large, has spawns that are questionable for 1v1's, and heavily promotes campy play. I don't like Sky Pirates layout for BBG mechanics. I know i mentioned things that are more of an issue in Overclock than in BBG, but they weren't the only things i considered.

    If you disagree with me that's totally fine though, I can see an argument for most of these maps and I honestly think that it's a pretty solid map selection as a whole. But if I have to pick three maps from a selection of maps that are solid, then i may not have really compelling reasons behind why i picked the three I did. I love Mystic Forest. It's my favorite map in Overclock. Is it undeniably the best? No, but it is my favorite. And that's why i picked it. I know some of my reasonings aren't really all that great, but that's because for the most part they are all pretty good maps and finding great reasons not to add them can be a little difficult, and the flaws that are there may seem relatively insignificant.
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  • StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
    Underworld, Sky Pirates, and NeoOmaha for me (dab)
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