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What do we want for an update???

StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
edited May 2017 in BB OVERCLOCK
1. Clans need to be unlocked
2. What's the point of mission below the clans in profile, maybe we should remove that
3. A new map (maybe a volcano island or a labyrinth map from the Maze Runner would be cool)
4. A new weapons such as fire sniper, smg, shotgun, assault rifle, minigun, and rockets plus pistol
5. New skins (maybe some superheroes skin for each character. Ex: Oliver, an Spider-Man skin)
6. Bringing B-100 and Scanchez would be cool
7. Crash fixes and bugs fixes

These are an ideas for an update, let me know when u guys have more ideas so I can edit and put in this thread.
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  • FREESHFREESH Member Posts: 5,450 Fabled
    give every character a can of pepsi
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    If were talking realisticly, more profile icons is possibly the best we'll ever get as bbg is the money making game.

    What I'd like in an ideal world is new tiers for the weapons e.g. Fire sniper, fire smg
    Also different type of secondary, clans don't really matter to me anymore.
    Crash fixes would be nice, so would new types of weapon as lack of wep types is one of the problems as once people unlock stuff they're done with the game. Bringing B-100 and Scanchez in would be cool and they could both share lazes cannon weapon type and grenade weapon type, the game start from bbu looked coolwhere you came from that landing craft.
    What id like most of all is a 1 player mode like bbu.
  • MavockinMavockin Member Posts: 806 Corporal
    All of this
  • StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
    If you want to join BearRaiders. PM @Starc
    Starc's kik: .starc

    Before joining BR clan, please read the guidelines:

    "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects." -Albert Einstein
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    A poison type weapon (poison:pistol, sniper,ásr ,etc) would would also be good and it could do the same thing as poison does on bbg, so would radiation and confuse type.

    Also ice wells that have low ammo but each shot freezes(stuns) the opponent

    Non of this will ever happen tho I don't know why we always Come up with all these great ideas if SkyVu never check forums.
  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    I'm saying no to Sanchez. I don't think Sanchez in BBG is very true to the original design of the character, and i honestly think it was just an attempt to get fans on board with another character and they knew people liked Sanchez.

    However if he could be redesigned some and had a voice more similar to his original one (he did not sound like that in BB:Z at all) then i maybe wouldn't mind.

    B-1000 on the otherhand i'm not sure about. It almost seems like he wouldn't fit in with the atmosphere of the game, but i felt that way about him in BBG too and i ended up liking B-1000 in bbg. He's the only character added in BBG that i felt was consistently done well and actually compares to the Royale characters. So i think B-1000 could definitley be a good addition to Overclock but it will be interesting how it works out. His concept doesn't work well with Overclocks gameplay though, being slow is in many ways worse in Overclock than in BBG because Overclock is overall a faster paced game. Riggs already struggles severely against certain weapons/characters because of his size and slow speed, and Tillman suffers even more to the point of being almost unusable against certain weapons. Slow, large characters just have a hard time in Overclock so B-1000 will be a bit more difficult to balance.

    However, all that being said, B-1000's character would be more easily worked with in Overclock in general because of the way abilities work. B-1000's secondaries in BBG are cool and fun to use, but you can only have one at a time. In Overclock every character can have three, so it could be much easier to design B-1000 around those abilities.

    However, another issue that comes to mind when discussing abilities is that B-1000 always has his melee weapons out, while in Overclock you can not always use your melee. Perhaps to resolve this B-1000 could have the added perk of always being able to use his melee compared to other characters. Maybe B-1000 could be focused on covering distances and ambushing (with the likes of jetpack, smokescreen, ect.) and from there he can take advantage of his high health and powerful weapons to kill enemies in close quarters. Not sure how that idea would work in gameplay but it's an interesting thought.
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  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    Actually your right b-100 wouldn't work as his secondary abilities is part of what distinguishes him and I can't exactly imagine him holding a pistol cos he has no hands. I Said Sanchez as he is the only proper storyline character missed off. I thought b-100 and Sanchez would work well released together as they could both share weps lazergun and grenade just like oli and Astoria share ásr and sniper
  • AbsoluteZeroAbsoluteZero Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,445 Noble
    As far as fire goes, i know that you're probably thinking fire as a damage over time weapon. However, i have a different thought process. I think fire weapons should burn the ground, and everywhere you shoot there will be fire left on the ground for a decently lengthy period of time (8 seconds maybe). Fire weapons in this format could serve as area denial weapons, allowing you to close off routes and ambush or trap careless enemies (and yes, the flames would be tall enough that you couldn't just jump over them in normal conditions). Fire weapons would not ignite upon hitting an enemy (in reality, flesh isn't very flammable) and instead would just do lower damage than other weapons. However, upon hitting other surfaces such as the ground or walls flames would be left where the projectile impacted. Hitting these flames would set characters on fire, which would do damage over time that is high enough to discourage players from entering the fire. Damage rates from the fire and the size of the flames would depend on the weapon (low for pistols, moderate for assault rifles, and high for snipers, rocket launchers, and shotguns). Characters on fire would remain on fire upon death and would essentially contribute to the wall of flame.

    For balancing purposes, assault rifles and smg's if they are included would not create huge flames as they can shoot very quickly, they would instead make small flames with each shot (and perhaps these flames could combine if they are close enough). However, i'm not sure fire variants of automatics should really be included. I think flame variants would have to be limited to shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers, and pistols. This is simply because the high rates of fire would be hectic with this concept and automatics rely on missing a lot for balance, however, misses would be very dangerous because of the flames which would make automatics effective far beyond their typical range.

    Damage over time from getting shot should be left to poison weapons imo, and poison weapons should not be available to every character. This is because damage over time does not synergize well with slow, low range characters such as Riggs as they need time to do their damage (which these characters often do not have because they are constantly in heated close quarters combat). Additionally, running away from these characters is an important part of fighting them but running doesn't worked when poison (can you imagine trying to flee from a Riggs that is overclocked, but you get poisoned and die anyway). I think viper rifle is a good candidate for a poison weapon, which would make it more unique and reliable than it is now.

    Other than that i am not sure what other weapons could be given poison effects. I'll give it some more thought.
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  • smtonysmtony Member Posts: 495 Recruit
    edited May 2017
    The elemental weapons from BBU
    Now on to the story...
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    Absolutely, it never came did it
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