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Im back on BBO!

StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
Hey guys!!! Just wanna make a speech. So, yesterday I have unlinked my email and linked my email on the Game Center and I had tried that and it worked! Thanks to @Dujuran! And another thing, when I had see DEATHBEAR2, he told me that lots of people had left after me. Well, I haven't left BBO, it's just that BBO broke for just 2 months! And I had thought that maybe my reaction for not playing BBO for 2 months made people think I left or quit BBO. And they might say "Well starc's reaction for quitting BBO coz of no update. Maybe we should leave too" and maybe people agreed. MAYBE!!!! So, I didn't quit, lol. So if u are the people who thought I quit and wanna do same thing. I DIDN'T ACTUALLY QUIT. BBO broke for me. And I fixed it by unlink my email in the Game Center to BBO, and linked it again! So if u are the people who quit, come back to BBO, I didn't quit. It's just a rumor. So please come back to BBO. I LOVE BBO! BBO RULES! Thank u for your attention.

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