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Battle Bears Overclock FPS: glitches, tricks, faults and hacks! (100+glitches)

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Some vary for Android and IOS but about 95% are possible on both.

Tick off the ones you can do:

JUMP PAD GLITCHES(double jump)
These are fun and often take you to good places to snipe and hide when you regenerate

Neo Omaha
-Pink Balloon jump (this can get you just about anywhere)
(These can get you behind the map and also on the higher platform)

-Boat jump, this gets you onto the mast of the boat and you can get into the crows nest
-Thunderdome(destroys jump pad temporarily) see also unlimited thunder dome
-Rarely a jump pad just randomly breaks )

-Jump pad glitches also possible on underworld

CHEAT GLITCHES not to be used competitively
(should not be used competitively, anyone who does is a cheat seriously effect gameplay and can cause
-Invisibility glitch (invisible all game)(only AA can spot you) the way to counter this glitch:(if somebody is using it leave and rejoin then they are visible)
-Gunslinger unlimited (only few know of this (not me) let's keep it that way)
-Unlimited ammo glitch (supposed to have been fixed but new way exists)
-unlimited overclock (Oliver) (basically a huge blue jet that kills everyone who touches it for the whole game)
-Thunder dome Island SkyWorld
-Stat manipulation (and newly discovered!)(e.g Oli with Wils Regen and Riggs health)
-Unlimited Tilman handguns
-Weapons on wrong character
-Infinite ice trap
-Abilities on wrong character
-Sniper AA

-Chest glitch (extremely annoying, can avoid buy only tapping chest once)
-Double chat glitch ( thankfully not happened for a while , where everything in the chat appears 2x)
-Nobody can join glitch(nobody can join any games very rare)
-Broken game glitch (lobby is broken game never starts and you can't see your self in the game)
-No exit glitch ( cannot exit equip bit)
-can't click on chat :(
-before some games it says : game starts in 3737637382772 seconds before the countdown starts I don't know the exact number.
-Stat reset glitch (really annoying but if it happens contact ZenDesk)
-Profile error (when viewing profile it sometimes just says level 10 2000 games and 0 wins and kills
-Loading screen glitch SEE STARCS COMMENT (pls fix)
-The unequip crash, everything in your character is unequiped (sometimes another crash fixes this)
-Game won't actually start, been happening recently for everyone at once
-Notification Glitch
-Profile pic glitch>it shows a very long error glitch
-After game you get an error
-Sometimes you can't click on the chat
-Clicking an offer can get you out of a game that is about to start

- Melee fault anyone who joins after you is not effected by your melee.
- Lag Melee (melee works well with lag)
- Trapped in a hole (getting yourself stuck in a hole (underworld + forest)
- AA breaking glitch
- Unlimited time glitch (game lasts forever (mostly)time goes on and you can get as many kills as you want))
- Kill crash (when you crash after being killed)
- That annoying glitch where when you join the joystick is really strange and you act turn for a bit. NEWLY ADDED
- Introducing the black team (the glitch where that bear with the black name is on the map, he does not take damage and wastes ammo
- Player not dead (player is shown to be not dead and have health but is already dead and show to be dead at screen side as well)
-Gun at feet (player runs with gun by foot (if using an invisible ability it reveals them)
-AA locks on own team
-Somtimes when people die they float up
-FPS mode melee death see comment (you literally just slide along with no health and your paralysed)
-Dead Reload
-When dead, armour sometimes changes colour (with future police helmet)
-Red crosshairs, done by swapping between AA weps/ abilities and non AA ones. Easiest to see with Tillman, but possible with sniper.
-Game is first to 25 but if quick, 26 or even 27 kills can be obtained.
-Players sometimes show up in places where they died, when they respawn.
-Charges are left where you shot them from (briefly)
-AA spot, part of the map collects bullets and spams them about in a small area
-If you walk slowly it looks like you're sliding
-Chests can sometimes be claimed early
-Sometimes the wait for free chests is more than how long it should be e.g instead of waiting 48 hours, it show 49 hours.

Take a look at this video for explanation (not made by me btw)
-Healing grenade glitch (see video on BSR Clan Channel)


-Unlimited thunder dome (no idea how to do but it broke a jump pad for the whole game)
-Flying dead bear glitches
-AA locks on random spot on where no player is(possibly linked to one type of invisible glitch)

MAP GLITCHES (thanks Hawkeye for a lot of help) Tons of new ones

- Riggs super dash (able to get onto really high mushroom with Dash)
- Rock glitch (not really a glitch)(one rock is literally impossible to get on unless jump in a special way)
-Get on top of giant mushroom
-Get on top of trees

Neo Omaha
- Tons of jump glitches (balloon and arch)
- Roof glitches (get in high roofs by either, Balloon jump and speed over the arch of jumping up smiley face ladder)
- Little Hole (not a glitch nor a fault and everyone knows , just a bit cool)
- Carboard boxes launch you
-Get behind the map, also lots of other places from there

Mystic/Twighlight Forest
-SKYDIVING (super cool get somebody to show you thanks Tooth for showing me)
-Get High (sometimes running into a bush chucks you high
-ThE MaGiC treee: tree shields you from bullets from a few sides.
- Get on top of trees
- Get inside trees

-Thunderdome Island ( causes anyone who jumps up to be thrown back down and suicide (not really fair)) this is not an explanation, it is very hard to do
-Boat mast is a great sniper spot
-Inside tree
-On clock tower clock: 6 different methods

-Hidden ledge at back of map
- jump onto rock

-The fruit propel you upwards, this isn't really a glitch as I think it was purposely done.
-Leave the map and crash the game
- Go on top of candy cane
- Die cos of the sky and crash the game
- Go inside candy cane and inside map

Science Lab (tricks)
-Can get onto pipe up top
-Can get onto upper platforms
-Free fall (see Smtonys comment)


-Spend specific character coins on another character (only managed it once as far as I know there is no method)
-Weapons on wrong character
-Abilities on wrong character

-Charges don't work on social butterfly (may not be a glitch just letting ya know)
-AA sniper
-Red crosshairs

-hidden skin!

Graham w03ff4ifgxhc.jpg
-Healing turret lag
-suspected invisibility
-Hidden skin

-Dash onto high mushroom on sporest
-Hidden Skin


-Hidden skin
-Ant Blaster dosent always do damage


-hidden skin
-Red crosshairs

Older Version Faults
-Messed up Screen glitch (pink squares across screen)


Stat hack, e.g. Has 1000000000 kills

Update Glitch

BBO 2016 update returns, some people who have fully updated games have been seeing the update return on their pending updates.
More on BB discord.


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