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Should I remaster Battle Bears -1?

RlionkillerRlionkiller Member Posts: 8 Recruit
I honestly don't want to see the community of my childhood game die out...

P.S.Every asset will be built by me from the ground up.No copy paste.

Should I remaster Battle Bears -1? 22 votes

Yeah why not
PirateEarmuffscandyissweetWilpower784InstableGriffsuperhand02Assassins_AceCrash_NebulaLilyBBwearpoeSSP_RismSoo__heyterminaterBlueHeroChaoTicKraZeMR329IgolideStarc 18 votes
No It's already perfect as it is
King_Of_DOOOM 1 vote
Go away this community is ded
nishtenMavockin 2 votes
I accidentally add the fourth poll option
smtony 1 vote


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