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Which game is more populated?

Ultimate_BearUltimate_Bear Member Posts: 992 Underlord 2016
Im back, from a 2-3 year break, and i need to know what game is more populated.

Which game is more populated? 15 votes

LAITERZLethalnishtenMavockinRagingAsianterminaterStarc 7 votes
Dback 1 vote
NYCOInstableGriffCrash_NebulaSSP_RismSoo__heyMR329Igolide 7 votes


  • InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
    edited February 2017
    As I see things, both are currently as active as each other.

    I know that the majority of members here favor BBG, which may lead others to believe that the game is more active than BBO, but in truth, they're both on the same level of player activity. Sometimes, I check both games and see more BBG matches than BBO ones along with the latter's chat being inactive, and other times, there are more BBO matches and active players judging from the chat than BBG.

    If this thread was made a few months ago, I would've definitely said BBO because back then, there were more matches than there were in BBG whenever I checked and the chatroom was consistently active, but now, that's not the case anymore. That game's activity has gone down significantly, but still not to the point of being below the amount of activity seen on BBG.

    Unless an update comes out for BBO soon, BBG may quickly become the more active game, as I'm noticing that more veterans are switching back over to it due to being bored with the former, myself being one of them. Of course, the recent BBG update may also have something to do with it, seeing that there are a lot of new players now.

    As for you, you shouldn't worry about activity at the moment, they both have their fair share of players. I would suggest just trying them both and seeing which experience caters to you more.
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    Both have similar amounts of people but bbo tends two have lots of new players who don't hang around and get replaced by more new players, whereas bbg has a lot of loyal long time players, bbo has this too but not as much
  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,344 Noble
    Both have dips and peaks in their activity level throughout the month.I believe that their(BBO &BBG)activity levels would average to be about the same.
  • Booker_DewittBooker_Dewitt Member Posts: 34 Recruit
    ah, thank you for letting me know.
    Im back. ;)
  • StarcStarc Member Posts: 1,069 Sergeant
    BBG has more population than BBO, they have lots of pros. BBO has tons of noobs. So that's why I voted BBG
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  • FREESHFREESH Member Posts: 5,449 Fabled
    bepis world
  • IgolideIgolide Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    Same population cept bbo is mainly noobs
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