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I am stupid. Possible reason SkyVu was inactive.

Term: I had no idea where to post it so if you are a mod move it where it belongs.

I wanna say sorry for how much I complained @SkyVu_Ben when you guys were inactive and if what I'm about to show is true I feel terrible. Being the BB fan I am I wanted to see how VR places was coming and found thisd3t1pkazgz3m.png
Yea I don't know if this means they moved locations but if they did it explains a lot. I don't know the reason they wouldn't have told us but moving locations would have had a big impact on everything they were doing and why the forms got little updates. Even the recent BBG update is clearly late and was supposed to be around Christmas. Also the move could have something to do with money and I don't know if the move means good or bad we can only know if @SkyVu_Ben tells us. At first I thought VR places was gonna be a big bust but a check on their twitter it looks like it can be the first to make the VR dream people have wanted and make renown for the company to grow again and put focus on BB.zg3rnl2p8o4v.png


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    That's a store I wanna visit
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