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Battle Bears V Forumers Part 2

MaRvelousJuiceMaRvelousJuice Member Posts: 3,403 Noble
edited November 2017 in Clan Talk
We last left off with the forumers arriving to the Battle Bears Base located on the huggable planet. They were sent by SkyVu to help the Battle Bears complete their mission on the huggable planet. We don't know what the mission is exactly, but we do know that the BB have been doing a horrible job at completing it. The new forumers were grouped with the main cast of Battle Bears to create a new Elite Squad. The Elite Squad consists of,
Oliver, Astoria, Graham, Wil, Riggs, Sanchez, Saberi, Tillman, Botch, Extcy, Lich_King, Banzichan, Sharpclaws, Earmuffs, and NYCO.
Extcy left the base with Lich_king to do exploring in the huggable forest, which is right outside the Battle Bears Base Walls. The Walls protect the Base from huggables and other dangers of the Huggable World has in store for the Battle Bears. NYCO left the group to go explore the Battle Bears base on his own. Oliver was in charge of giving a tour to Earmuffs, Banzichan, and Sharpclaws. Finally, more forumers are arriving soon.

We start off with Lich_King and Extcy teleporting into the huggable forest.

*There is a small explosion of dark mist and out of it appears Extcy and Lich*
*Extcy starts coughing.*
Extcy: *Cough* My god, you could teleport?! *Cough**Cough*
Lich_King: I can do a lot of things.
Extcy: *exhale* like what?
*Lich looks into the forest and notices three huggables chewing on grass.*
Lich_King: See those creatures?
Extcy: Yeah. *extcy looks at lich.*
*Lich's eyes become pitch black.*
Lich_King: *His voice becomes a lot more deeper and rumbly.* Look at them.
*Extcy slowly looks over at the huggables.*
*Lich raises his hand and aims it to the huggables. As soon as he did that, the shadows from the trees begin to move towards the huggables. The shadows reach the huggables' legs and begin to move upward on the huggables' body. The huggables' face expressions shifted from happy and cheery, to terrified and cold as the shadows covered the huggables' bodies.*
Extcy: What the hell...!
*The shadows fully covered the huggables and they were only shaking in fear.*
Lich_King: Good bye...
*Out of nowhere, the huggables all turned into black mist and disappeared into the air.*
Extcy: HOLY! *Extcy puts his hands on his head.*
*Extcy quickly looks at Lich in surprisement.*
*Lich's eyes turn back to it's glowing green self.*
Lich_King: I simply think, and it happens.
Extcy: Woah... that's so cool! Hey, yah think you could bring me my railgun? I sorta left it back with the helicopter.
*Lich raises his hand and the railgun appears with the dark mist surrounding it for awhile until it disappears.*
Lich_King: There.
*Extcy runs up to his railgun.*
Extcy: Hahaha! You're like, super powerful huh?!
Lich_King: Yeah.
*Extcy picks his railgun and begins carrying it on his shoulder.*
Extcy: You said whatever you think, will happen. So does that mean you have unlimited amounts of power or something?
Lich_King: Well, no... not really. I have full power over life, not the universe entirely. Like, if I wanted to move a planet, I couldn't do that. But if i wanted to exterminate all life on the planet, then I could do that.
Extcy: So you're basically the grim reaper?
Lich_King: Hmph *Lich Smiles*
Extcy: Wow, you really are the edge lord huh?!
Lich_King: Edge Lord? Is that my nickname?
Extcy: Hah, no. That's a horrible nickname...
*Lich turns his head and stares off into the trees.*
Extcy: If we ever got in a fight Lich, I would completely destroy you.
*Lich looks back at Extcy.*
Lich_King: You did just see what I did?
Extcy: Yeah... I did see that... But I'm immortal! When I die, I get resurrected near the place where I died-
Lich_king: Yeah I heard you already... Want to head back to the base?
Extcy: What?! We've only been out here for like a couple of minutes?!
Lich_King: That's long enough.
*Lich_King starts to prepare a teleportation.*
Extcy: NO NO NO! We came here to learn our surroundings and practice our skills remember?!
Lich_King: I understand this place and have practice my powers, I'm done here.
Extcy: But I'm Not!-
*Lich_King teleported the two, leaving the dark mist behind.*

Nyco was last seen leaving the roof of the BBB. He has ventured throughout the Base and is now outside sitting against the Wall.
*Nyco takes out a journal and starts writing on it.*
*Here's what it says,*
"L kdyh ehhq deoh wr jhw VnbYx wr wuxvw ph hqrxjk wr vhqg ph wr wkh sodqhw. L grq'w olnh lw khuh, exw wkhb grq'w fduh derxw pb hprwlrqv ru wkrxjkwv... qru vkrxog L. Pb plvvlrq wlph lv uxqqlqj orz vr L pxvw ehjlq wr khdg rxw iru wkh duwlidfw eb wrpruurz. Vlpsob ohdylqj wklv edvh zrxog fdxvh vxvslflrq vr L qhhg wr fuhdwh dq hyhqw wkdw zrxog pdnh pb glvdsshdudqfh xqghuvwdqgdeoh eb wkhvh shrsoh. Zkloh qdyljdwlqj wkurxjk wklv edvh L irxqg wkh pdlq vrxufh ri srzhu wkdw nhhs wkh Zdoov surwhfwlqj wkh edvh ixqfwlrqlqj. L eholhyh li wkh Zdoov duh fxw rii iurp srzhu wkhb zloo lpsorgh. Wklv zrxog fdxvh wkh fuhdwxuhv rxwvlgh ri wkh edvh wr urdp lqwr wkh edvh. Dw wkdw prphqw, L ohdyh wkh edvh. Hyhubrqh zrxog eh wrr exvb zlwk wkh fuhdwxuhv dqg zrq'w erwkhu orrnlqj iru ph. Wklv lv pb sodq. L pxvw rewdlq wkh duwlidfw."
*Nyco puts his Notebook away and begins to walk casually towards the Base.*

Back with Oliver, Earmuffs, Sharpclaws, and Banzichan. Oliver gave the three a tour around the Battle Bears base. They're sitting at a table in the cafeteria, all the bears are staring at them because they've never seen a human battler.
*Banzichan and Earmuffs are sitting across from Oliver and Sharpclaws. They're eating lunch.*
*Banzichan looks around the cafeteria and notices the bears looking at them. She leans in towards Oliver and whispers to him.*
Banzichan: They're all staring!
Oliver: *whispers back to Banzi* Well they've never seen a human battler...
Banzichan: Do they know what a battler is? Let me briefly define the word Battler: A battler is someone who does the dirty work for SkyVu. Did you hear anything about it having to be only a bear?!
Oliver: No but, Humans usually work at SkyVu's space stations or-
Banzichan: A human isn't entitled to a specific task. They can choose what they want to do, same as bear.
*Oliver slowly bites his sandwich.*
*Banzichan sits back into her seat.*
Banzichan: I need to go snipe something...
Oliver: *Still chewing on his sandwich.* Mm, you should go shoot some huggables with Astoria then. Shes at the roof.
Banzichan: Yeah, alright. *Banzichan starts heading to the roof.* And Oliver, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full, it's disgusting.
*Oliver closes his mouth and starts chewing slower in embarrassment.*
*Banzichan leaves. As shes walking away she notices the bears looking at her. She just puts her head down.*
Earmuffs: Well that got heated fairly quickly. *Earmuffs opens his sandwich and removes the lettuce and gives it to Sharpclaws. Sharpclaws removes the ham from his sandwich and gives it to Earmuffs.*
Oliver: Do you guys always do that?
Earmuffs: Yeah, he's vegetarian and I'm a meat lover.
Oliver: *Oliver looks at Sharpclaws.* But aren't you a bear?
Sharpclaws: I explained this on the roof... Half Bear, Half Moose.
Earmuffs: Yeah, he was born a Moose until-
Sharpclaws: *Interrupts Earmuffs.* Doctor, COW. He took me in and did this to me. I'm a bear with Antlers now.
Oliver: Wow that sucks.
Sharpclaws: I've been battling Dr.Cow for my entire life now. I have suspicion that he has traveled here for an Artifact.
Oliver: So you came here to fight Dr.Cow, not because you wanted to help with the huggable mission?
Sharpclaws: Yup.
*Oliver looks at Earmuffs.*
Oliver: So why'd you come here?
Earmuffs: SkyVu sent me here because I'm a fairly decent battler.
Oliver: What are you good at then?
Earmuffs: Well I used to invent my own stuff, mostly gadget based items. Like my winged glasses, *Earmuffs taps his glasses.* These are what allow me to fly. And because I fly, I trained in Aerial fighting.
Oliver: So you could fight in the air?
Earmuffs: That is what Aerial Fighting means... I've become a master at it, if I do say so myself.
Sharpclaws: I'm very up close and personal. Shotguns, swords, claws, punching, anything that I could use when I'm near a person is good for me.
Oliver: Cool. *Oliver bites his sandwich.*

With Nyco. He's in the basement of the Battle Bears Base. It is dark and dusty, no one has entered it for a long time.
*Nyco walks up to a door with a sign on it reading, "Engine." He opens the door and enters the room. It is nearly pitch black. Nyco could faintly see the massive engine all the way at the back of the room. Nyco walks up to the engine, sticks something onto it, and then leaves. As he starts heading towards the wall again, he begins to write in his journal.*
"L kdyh sodfhg wkh ghylfh rq wkh hqjlqh. Wkh ghylfh zloo vwrs wkh hqjlqh iurp ixqfwlrqlqj, exw rqob li L ghwrqdwh lw. L zloo dfwlydwh wkh ghylfh rqfh l'p qhdu wkh zdoo vr L frxog oxuh wkh fuhdwxuhv wrzdugv wkh edvh. L pljkw dovr eorz xs wkh zdoo wr fuhdwh d vpdoo kroh, doorzlqj wkh fuhdwxuhv wr zdon lqvlgh udwkhu wkdq folpelqj wkh zdoo. L grq'w nqrz derxw wkh hasorvlrq bhw. Dq hasorvlrq zrxog fdxvh vxvslflrq, exw zrxog jlyh ph pruh wlph wr rewdlq wkh duwlidfw dw wkh vdph wlph. Wkhuh duh vwloo fkdqfhv wkdw wkh zdoo zloo lpsorgh rqfh wkh hqjlqh lv ghdfwlydwhg, exw qrz L grq'w uhdoob nqrz. I must write in Caesar to keep my journal entries secret."

With banzichan. She is on the roof, walking toward's Astoria's Bird Nest to snipe huggables.
*Banzichan begins to walk towards the ladders of Astoria's Birds Nest. Before she starts climbing the ladders, she looks up.*
Banzichan: *Shouting* Hey, can I come up?
*Astoria's head pops out from the bird's nest, looking down at Banzichan. Only here eyes are visible.*
Astoria: Why?
Banzichan: I feel like sniping.
Astoria:*Astoria squints her eyes at Banzichan.* I'm not taking that response.
Banzichan: *Banzichan looks away from Astoria and begins climbing the ladders. She whispers,* I don't care anymore.
*Astoria notices Banzi coming up.*
Astoria: Hey! I didn't say you could come up here!
*Banzichan keeps climbing.*
Astoria: Fine...
*Astoria goes to the ladder entrance, looks down at Banzi, and throws a TomaHawk at her.*
*Banzi quickly moves her body to the side, dodging the Tomahawk. The tomahawk hits the floor and the hawk flies away. Banzi stays in place and looks up at Astoria.*
Banzichan: Did you just throw a tied up hawk at me?!
Banzichan: You... *Banzichan starts climbing up the ladder faster.*
Astoria: Stop or else I'll throw more at you!
Banzichan: Go ahead! I'll just dodge them anywa- *A tomahawk hits Banzichan, releasing an angry hawk on Banzi.*
*Banzichan accidentally lets go of the ladder while trying to slap away the hawk. She falls down and lands on her back. The hawk flies away.*
Astoria: Heh, should've never attempted to come up here!
*Banzichan gets back up, rubbing her back.*
Banzichan: What kind of person throws living animals at people...
*In the background two dark mists form. Banzichan here's the mist and turns around to see it. Lich_king and Extcy pop out of the Mists. Lich lands on the floor naturally while Extcy falls to the floor.*
Extcy: Teleporting is not my thing...! *He relaxes his head on the floor.*
Lich_King: *Looks down at Extcy.* You'll get used to it. *looks back up and sees Banzichan.*
Lich_King: Hello...
Banzichan: You guys done with the forest?
Extcy: *Extcy raises his hand up straight, pointing it to the sky,* NO, *He then flicks his wrist and points at Lich.* HE'S, done with the forest!
*Lich_King just shrugs. Extcy finally gets up off the floor.*
Banzichan: Well, I'm trying to go up there *Tilts her head towards the Bird's Nest.* and shoot at some stuff, but the girl in there is throwing Hawks at me.
Lich_King & Extcy: Hawks?!
Banzichan: Heh, yeah. Hawks.
Astoria: *Astoria shouts from above.* I have eagles too!
*Banzichan turns around and looks up at Astoria.*
Banzichan: You're crazy!

With Botch and Graham. Graham told Botch to follow him into his lab so he could do some tests. They're in Graham's lab.
*Graham's lab is well organized but has a lot of stuff inside. The wall with the door entrance has prototype guns attached to the wall. Almost all of them have the words, "Saberi," scratched on them. The right wall had 3 giant glass containers filled with a green liquid. One of the containers had a huggable with many wires attached to its body. The left wall had blue prints on it. A table with drawers was beneath the blueprints. And on the back wall there were 2 beds, side-by-side to each other. The only thing unique about this wall was broken down B-900 unit with its stomach ripped open. Inside was a deactivated Abbi.*
Botch: I've never been in your lab...
Graham: It's not mine, I share it with Saberi. *looks over at the guns.* She creates weapons, I create anything I want. *Graham walks towards the table and opens a drawer. He takes out a syringe.*
Graham: Alright, I'm just going to take out some of your blood.
Botch: For what?
Graham: Just a little project I'm working on. *Graham reaches out for Botch's arm. Botch moves away from Graham.*
Botch: Which project?
Graham: An important one. *Graham reaches for Botch's arm again, but a little bit more quickly and aggressively. Botch lets Graham take his blood.*
Graham: Thank you Botch.
Botch: I know exactly what you're going to do with my blood.
Graham: Oh yeah?
Botch: I see the future Graham, *Botch's eyes become a brighter green.* I know everything.
*Graham turns away from Botch and heads to his table.*
Botch: I'm going to leave now. And prepare yourself Graham, something significant is about to happen.
*Graham ignores Botch. Botch simply floats out of the room.*

With Nyco. He's standing right in front of the wall.
*Nyco begins to write in his journal.*
"L dp vwdqglqj lq iurqw ri wkh zdoo uhdgb wr ghwrqdwh wkh HPS. L kdyh vhfuhwob sodfhg irxu F4v, rqh rq hdfk zdoo idfh. Wklv zloo fdxvh wkh fuhdwxuhv wr lqydgh wkh edvh rq doo irxu vlghv vr wkh ehduv frxog eh exvb. L zloo wkhq qdyljdwh wkurxjk wkh iruhvw dqg krshixoob ilqg wkh fuhdwxuh nqrzq dv Wkh Qhfurpdqfhu. Lw kdv wkh duwlidfw."
*Nyco puts down his journal and takes out a button.*
Nyco: Tribus... duo... unum-
*Botch sneaked up behind Nyco.*
Botch: What are you doing?
*Nyco slowly puts away his button into his coat and turns around casually.*
Nyco: Practicing my Latin Numerals- Look, I rather not speak with you and wish that you'd leave me alone.
Botch: What about that button you had out?
Nyco: Who are you again? *Nyco is trying to change the subject.*
Botch: I'm Botch, I see the future and know everything. Including your plans.
*Nyco grins at Botch. He takes off his glasses and puts them into his coat. Nyco has two different colored pupils, one blue and the other greenish-blue.*
Nyco: So... the ability to see the future. You must have a great amount of responsibility with a blessing like that, right? You're not supposed to abuse it, tell anyone about the future, change the future?!
Botch: No, even if I wanted to, I couldn't change the future. everything is set and planned.
Nyco: Ah, so you wouldn't stop me?
Botch: Who said me stopping you isn't the future?
Nyco: Because Botch, I make my OWN future.
*Nyco quickly reaches into his coat and presses the button. He then takes out his dual wield Pistols equipped with silencers and begins shooting at botch. Botch just looks at the bullets and turns them into mist as they fly towards him. Botch does the same to Nyco's guns.*
Nyco: Wow, that's cheap. Real cheap.
*Alarms begin to sound as the Base and Walls lose power. The Alarms soon die out as well.
*Nyco then takes out another button and looks at Botch.*
Nyco: If you know everything, you should know who I am?
Botch: Of course I do.
*Nyco smiles.*
Nyco: Well, I have to go now Botch. Your friends are going to need you here so don't follow me. *Nyco presses the button and the C4s go off, creating four giant holes on each side of the wall. The explosions attract swarms of huggables to the base.*



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