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Who were you this Halloween?

Ultimate_BearUltimate_Bear Member Posts: 992 Underlord 2016
edited November 2016 in Other
A spooky time which is called Halloween. A time where kids knock on doors and be **** as they throw eggs at a lawn or the kids don't say thank you after giving them candy (2nd part is true)! But it is an also a time where people dress up and make nice comment's on the costumes and make people happy. So Halloween is about having a good time! So who were you this Halloween? Do you have a picture of it or do you have to describe it? Well post it in the coments!

So who was I this Halloween?
Ahh yes. I was the [censored] that many hate in Team Fortress 2 the Scout! (Funny thing is, this costume was last minute and I used whatever I had in the house!

Things were great! I was at home passing out candy and saying positive commen's on people's costumes! One was Yandere-chan, Some cute little kids, Disney characters, Master Cheif, the typical Halloween stuff, and more! It was all fun when no more people showed up.... That's when I ran out In the rain finding my pals. From then... I was doing scout quites and saying "BONK" everywhere. I also did lots of running. Sometimes running circles around my pals.

Good times.... I was Hella wet.

The End

Haloween story? Post it in the comments. Spooky Story's are welcome!


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