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V7 Clan Discussion

edited November 2016 in Clan Talk
This to make my team more comfortable in the clan. Also new recruiters who join will be added here.
These are the people who are in my clan now.






This guy here I need to find out more information on what's going on. I seen him in BBO a few days earlier. And he might be the wrong guy but his name on BBO was just like this. I've been hearing he was been in BB Community since 2011. In BBO he said he hasn't been in BB Community and when he came back the BBO he said I made one but I haven't get to tell him what's his forum name so now I'm confused.



@Arfyo3 :Choco mallow

@KOREANN :Anoiah





Anyway, I know I haven't heard from you guys for a while but we need get use to the community too. The Rules should be sent to you in a message. This includes new recruiters. So please enjoy the BattleBears Community and thanks for reading this if you guys are there. Good luck :)


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