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[V7] Virtuous Galactic Bearz (BBO clan)

This is a BBO clan. If you are interested in joining my clan please answer in Battle Bears Overclock in the Forums. Where I'm going to find out who's joining or not. But before we go in to join the clan we have rules that we have to follow from Battle Bears standards especially having a bad mood. All issues must be done in a message to me.

All I have to say when you are in my clan we work together. Plan things in battle. Signals, Planning, Communication, Skill improvement, Must be active, and Ratings.
Things that you must require in clan Active person, Behave politely to other people even other clans, and Especially help one another. As a clan we need to stick together. As always said 2 is better than 1 and 3 is better than 2. The more people we have as a team the better.

All rules must be obeyed from Sky vu and me.

Again, any problems must be reported to me immediately. I need to know what's going on. If have no clue what's happening to you guys it makes the clan shifted away from each other. I prefer us to be in Forums at least once a week to keep us in contact with one another.

The rest of the rules of the clan will be from me. Think you for reading this and I'll see you later in Forums and in BBO.


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