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Battle Bears Fancomic: Ch1 Tame The Rainbow (Updated: 4/22/17)

Assassins_AceAssassins_Ace Member Posts: 226 Recruit
edited April 2017 in Creative
Warning: Comic will feature dark and mature content, some frightening scenes, and some strong language. Nothing too extreme, just giving a fair warning.

Hello forumers, lurkers, anyone on this poor excuse of a forum, in spirit of Halloween, and me simply bored, I made my first ever comic based around the battle bears universe. This comic takes place after the first comic that Skyvu issued a long time ago ( 2.jpg). We finally get to see Astoria's point of view when Riggs and Oliver gets attack by huggables (well how I think on what happened to Astoria). Some of you must be wondering "where the hug is the comic!?" Well my dear censored bear it's not here, yet. I posted the art cover on my wall so you could see a sneak peak on how the art style will be like. It's coming sometime this month in October. When it does come out and you read it, firstly, thanks. Secondly, I would love to hear your feedback on it, as I mentioned before, this is my first ever comic and first time using and experimenting with this certain type of art style. But while you wait for the FanComic, color this rotting huggable that you will commonly see in the comic. If you do color it please give credit where it is due.

Edited: 4/22/17
I don't like how the images are so blown up. Might change it to a different format like a PDF or a link so that way the pictures don't take up like 50% of this one page... if I can firgure out how to. By the way sorry if it's rough to read or confusing.



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