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An apology for recent, Forum-spiraling events.

InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
edited October 2016 in Community
I'm fully aware that a thread like this coming from me seems completely out of the blue. "You? Apologizing? For what? You've never let things explode into trouble or anything." Except now, I have without realizing anything until this point.

First, I want to talk to about the main source of concern on everyone's minds at the moment: Places VR. More accurately, the Places VR thread.

The original creator of the thread did not intend for it to blow up as much as it did; I did. I need to be completely honest about my actions. After making my first comment on it, I noticed that people weren't paying much attention to it. I thought to myself that they should; this person made the discovery of SkyVu's latest project, and like my quick-judging mind always does, I assumed that this marked the end of Battle Bears, even though according to SkyVu, it does not. I abused my moderation powers by changing the title of the thread into what it is today by adding "(SkyVu's Latest Project; Moving on from Battle Bears?)" to the already-existing name of the project. As a result of this move, people came to the thread, instantly jumped to my conclusion because of how people always here always assume that I'm smart due to my supposed reputation, and, well, transformed the thread into what it is now.

The topic of Places VR and my assumption of Battle Bears being dead because of it spreaded everywhere, leading the Forum into chaos with some members worrying heavily about both the franchise's and our own fates, and others instantly protesting at SkyVu. This all would not have happened if I did not touch that person's thread. I made an action based on my own thoughts and not actual facts, leading others to believe that my personal assumption was a fact.

The harsh and horrified reactions to Places VR were effectively my fault; things would've been much more tame if I did not force my own view onto the community; I apologize to the entire Forum for this.

Because this topic is primarily the main one, I'd also like to apologize to you here, @SkyVu_Ben. I realize that I have been unnecessarily aggressive towards matters like this over the past few months, and each and every time you come by to confirm something, I feel targeted and regretul as a result. Hard decisions are made for very serious reasons in businesses, but in most cases, I view them the wrong way. It must be very tiring for you to always have to constantly confirm matters due to members in the community making assumptions due to the past, and because of that, I feel really bad. My horrific, abusive action may have also very well ruined your hopes of our reactions to Places VR being calm and collected... I am so sorry. I want you to know that I'm simply always concerned and quick to judge off of paranoia and worry; I'm still a very dedicated Battle Bears fan and see hope for the future, but when something seems to threaten those hopes within my mind, overly-negative words come out of my mouth quick. From here-on-out, I will either start thinking over future situations like this with as much realism as possible or ignore them entirely until official confirmation on them so that I won't risk my mind corrupting me and causing me to say the wrong things. After all, despite the past, you are still a business owner with clear experience; I am only a 17 year old with barely any knowledge on how businesses operate.

Secondly, I want to talk about my decisions in moderation.

Besides the obvious, extremely poor decision I mentioned above, if you've been paying attention to Activity for this past while, you may have noticed that I've been a little too quick to act on matters. That is a flaw of mine that has led to members of the community being overly upset over decisions I've unintentionally spawned without any proper thinking behind reasonings, and one of my most recent bans is no exception to this. If I was not so quick to speak up to the team about what was happening, maybe someone else in our team could've come to a more logical and acceptable conclusion as far as the ban goes; because I opened my mouth and took action, the decision has been made to keep the person permanently banned despite a lot of us both in and out of the team not agreeing with it, including myself after a while of thinking after stating the fate.

Before this particular situation, however, I haven't been making any significant decisions in moderation myself over these past few months. Without revealing anything too private, I'll state why: nothing I do or suggest will help anything, and any action I do take will possibly result in the situation becoming worse. I've already tried numerous times, but the results of these attempts speak for themselves. From here-on-out, I think I will only contribute in moderation towards incredibly huge decisions that I know we all agree on, as well as continue performing other minor duties such as taking care of tiny matters.

As with the Places VR situation, the past few decisions I've made would not have been as impactful to the members of the community as they are now if I did not touch them to begin with. I am sincerely sorry to anyone and everyone who has been impacted by any of my non-rightful acts.

I think that after official confirmation on the Places VR situation... my regretful situation, comes through, I will go silent for a while unless a new update finally comes out for one of the Battle Bears games. I am not as much of a benefit to this community as you think I am. I need to reflect on how my mind operates and reacts to situations like these before ever letting the Forum lead itself into chaos due to my actions again.


  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,677 Fabled
    Well, I think anybody by reading those news at first sight would freak out. I'm not blaming you for this accident with the VR actually.
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
    Yeah, my reaction stemmed from me, not you.
  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    I won't say much but just use this to reflect on what you've done and try to fix it instead of just apologising that's the best you can do, when thinking about serious topics take a second to think if it's the right thing.
  • MR329MR329 Member Posts: 60 Recruit
    edited October 2016
    At first when I the places VR article, I said that I had to tell the BB community, then I was hesitant as to make a thread about it, because I feared that it would break the hearts of most BB fans, but I honestly thought that the article should've been told. I accept your apology
  • BlueHeroBlueHero Member Posts: 121 Recruit
    After reading this, I accept your apology.
    :)..…... So u finally let it out. I'm proud of u. And apology accepted bro.
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