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BattleBears Monthly Art Contest 2016 results and next month's information.

NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
edited October 2016 in Creative
Yellow everyone. Sorry for the late post as I was pretty busy.... and I'm still busy so results will be posted sometime later but i'm gonna say something pretty important regarding to this contest. Only 5 people have posted so... prizes? I don't know, time will tell. Now that's a half of peole that I expected so I think I need to to change some things so I'm gonna list a few below. If you have question or ideas that will help the contest. I will love the support.

The changes:

More time: Everyone is Hella busy since school and such are in the way so I might make each contest 2 months long instead so that more people will have more time to do some genius art.

Judges Overhaul: Due to Time constraints and inactivity. Not many were able to judge so I need you people in the forums to think of something for this.

Spams: Ocassianal Post on the activity board for atention. Why? Well that's how ads work as they remind people of something like M&M's ads.

Next Month's theme:
I'm thinking of BattleBears doing crossovers with something because that's what dress up is all about! What do you think?

The September 2016 results
No score sadly... but ill list all who participated.



So please comment to what's need to change. This is something I would love to continue
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