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"BBO Update is on Thursday, February 29th, 2016"

AdixionAdixion Member Posts: 359 Recruit
Lmao so just to point this out, you all got pranked big time. Like come on guys did you really think there was going to be a update for the game?? If there was, what in the world did you think it was going to be? This is just pure bs all of you guys still think SkyVu would give you the update? You guys should know that SkyVu had once told us the hard lunch update was January or February it turned out to be late feb or early March if I remember correctly. You guys should just give up. I'm tired of SkyVu lying to us and crap. I don't even care anymore I think I just lost all hope in SkyVu and the entire Franchise. I seriously don't get why there was moderators for BBO in the first place. I would only enjoyed the Moderator IF the moderators weren't so biased and were clanless. Alright well this is all the time I had for this last thread for you members of the forums and to you too SkyVu if you're reading this. Harass me, ban me, do whatever you want to this forum acc because I'm just done with this damn game. All the lies and promises you SkyVu make are just bs.
This has been Skyalis, signing out.


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