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New Chat Moderator for BBO!

SkyVu_TrangSkyVu_Trang Administrator Posts: 1,640 SkyVu Employee
Announcing today, we are adding a chat moderator to the game Battle Bears Overclock. This moderation is a trial for us to see if we should keep the moderation system. The chat moderator will be able to ban users from using chat for a set period of time. We want to keep the chat clean and the community clean.

We will be rolling the system out soon and we have one candidate that has volunteered to help us out. Thank you @OYSTER for volunteering to have the responsibilities and powers as a moderator. You will see them in-game with a SkyVu icon to help keep the community clean.

We would love to hear all feedback and if there are any issues with the moderation system.

Support Specialist
Email: [email protected]


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