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Scout vs Tracer

EdgecatorEdgecator Member Posts: 1,676 Lieutenant
Tiny cuss warning

At some random-*** store

The Scout is basically opening up boxes and doing stuff you generally shouldn't do at a store. A cameraman followed him in, hoping to get some footage in for Patrick's Mind Wrestling and was filming this live. Alongside, ThePatrick and a couple other forumers are watching this live at the arena.

"Muh muh muh, whole grain, real fiber, huh? I'll be the judge of that!" Scout says, opening up a box of cereal and pouring it all over his mouth.

Suddenly, a familiar British voice is heard on the intercom and Scout looks paranoid.


Scout started looking around, for his nemesis was there somewhere. "What the... That wasn't Tennant...Alright, come on out, where are you?!" He said. Behind him, he saw someone. He knew it was Tracer, because of the hair and goggles.

Scout ran up to them and ambushed Tracer from behind. He started to bash her head in and started kicking her back.
"Get your *** up!" Scout said, kicking them over...
Then, he realized, that obviously wasn't Tracer.

"What the...Who the hell are you?!" Scout said. Then, he heard something he would always remember. Behind him, he heard the can of Bonk! Atomic Punch opening up...

At the PMW arena, Patrick is freaking out.

Tracer ambushes Scout from behind. She starts beating him and throwing him into some shelves. Tracer started beating him, then she threw him into a crate of fruits. Elbowing and kicking Scout, Tracer wouldn't let him back up no matter what. She started throwing a bunch of oranges at him too.

"I hope you love fresh produce!" Tracer yelled at Scout, throwing more oranges at him until a bunch of orange juice was stuck to him.
Tracer kept kicking and slamming Scout into other things at the store. At a flower patch, she threw him into some and started punching him.

"Here, love! Have some flowers! I bet you were hoping this was just a bucket of chicken, don't you remember what the Spy taught you, huh?!" She said, taunting him some more.

Tracer threw him in front of a crowd. They started cheering as Tracer grabbed a bag of flour

"Oh, and speaking of flour, here's some more for ya, love!" Tracer said, pouring the flour onto Scout.

"NOOOOOOO...NO MORE..! NO MORE, TRACER!" Scout pleaded.

"Nah, love! We're just gettin' started!" Tracer told him. She grabbed him and threw him onto a cart. They both started walking around the store, with Tracer intentionally crashing the cart into some isles to weaken him a bit. Then, she crashed him into a soda fridge.

"No...No more!"

"Oh, boy! All this shopping's gotten me thirsty! How about you, love?" Tracer said, grabbing a new can of Bonk! Atomic Punch and drinking it.


"Ha! I bet you'd love to have a sip right now, huh?" Tracer said, showing off her can to him. She started whacking him more in the face with the can.

Tracer tried to drink it some more. "Aw man, it's empty! I guess you're right, Scout! You're so fast, you drank this bonk without me noticing while I was beating you!"

"Noooo!!!!" Scout cried. Tracer started taking him more places. She read a sign that said "EMPLOYEES ONLY". Of course, she couldn't resist on taking Scout there.

Tracer crashed the cart into a bunch of water barrels

"Man, nothing at this store pleases you, huh Scout?!"

"No, please! No more! No! I'm done here! You win!" Scout said.

"Oh, I know what you want, you just wanted some cereal, didn't you? Ok, love!" Tracer said, walking to some place where they stored cereal. She grabbed a box and walked back to Scout's tired body.

"I hope you enjoy these, love! These are hard to come by! Here you go, Sco-"
Before Tracer could finish that sentence, Scout somehow recovered after all they've been through and kicks Tracer straight in the jaw.

At the PMW arena, Patrick is cheering on Scout, hoping he'd win in the end

Scout slammed her onto a bunch of filing cabinets. With Tracer grounded, Scout gives a running knee, smashing her head into the metal

Scout finally has the upper hand. He started dragging Tracer around the employees only area and occasionally giving her a knee. Then, he finally found something he can use to end Tracer's reign

"Get your ***...GET IN THERE!" Scout said, slamming Tracer's face into a toilet.

Scout held her head down until she finally stopped moving and breathing. He closed the lid on her head and walked out of the employees only section. He rested near the dairy isle and laughed.

Then, Scout heard the sound of a recall. Someone behind him was opening up a carton of milk and started drinking it

"Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? Thanks, Scout! Got mad milk?!" Tracer said, once again ambushing Scout from behind. She started kicking him even more and threw him onto another cart.

"NOOOO!!!!! NO MORE! PLEASE!" Scout begged.

"Aww, do I smell soiled baby diaper?! Don't worry, love! I'll clean ya up soon enough!" Tracer told him as she grabbed a roll of paper towel and started smacking him with it. Then, she started burying him under more groceries.

"NOOOO! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY..... NO.....I DON'T WANT ANYMORE... PLEASE NO MORE..." Scout cried. Tracer took him over to the checkout area. She somehow found a way to fit him through a tiny slot. People were still watching too.

"NO MORE...PLEASE..." Scout said.

Police sirens were heard from the outside of the store.

Tracer finally started walking away from Scout. She smiled. "Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!" She said, walking out of the store. "Price check on a jack***!" Tracer called.

"AAAUGHHHHHHH....I'M.......I'M GONNA GET YOU...I'LL GET YOU.........AUGHHH...." Scout said.

At the PMW arena, Patrick looked disappointed.
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