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BattleBears Monthly Art Contest. September 2016

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Get ready to rumble! The first Battle Bears Monthly Art Contest officially begins! (Yipee!) Now please read below to see how the contest work and it's very important details.

September 2016 Theme
This is the first month so let's keep it simple on the theme. This theme will be Battle Bears in general! "Battle Bears in genral? What does that mean?" Well you can draw whatever you want that is just BattleBears related.

We have prizes! The prizes are BBO gems that you'll probably use to buy them rare chest. Additionally, If I like your drawing a lot, you'll receive something special from me.

The amount of prizes may change depending on the number of participants. So please comment that your gonna participate so the prizes may increase in size.

1st - 400 gems
2nd - 250 gems
3rd - 5th - 100 gems
Participants (because everyone's a winner) - 50 gems

When will this end.
The first contest will end on the 23 of September and result will show around the 30th of September. When the contest ends. Everyone's art will be showed on the result.

Next contest for October will begin around the 1-10 of October.

Don't be scared
"Oh my goodness! The competition is too tuff!"

Well don't be scared, we appreciate all art from everyone. We believe everyone has a unique genius.
But remember, computer art may look better too many people, but art on paper can be just the same if you try.

How to submit art.
It's easy! Just send your art to me by a PM.

This months Judges
There are 4 judges. The judges may participate but can't judge themselves. Instead I'll judge them to keep things fair. All art will be anonymous to the judge.

Who is judging.

Congratulations ! You're a judge! So read what's below because it's extreamly important for you guys!

This is the scoring system.

Quality of work 1-50

How the drawing works with the theme 1-30

The idea of the drawing 1-20

Points total 100

You guys will have two PM's. One of them is where all the judges are together and I'll post the contestants art on that PM.
The other PM will only have one judge and me privately where they send the score of the art.
If you're a judge that needs to get their art scored. Just send it to me privately. That is all you need to do.

So get started and show everyone your genius! If you have any question, please comment it below.
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