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[S8] Storm Eight v4 for BBG (Closed)

Storm_EightStorm_Eight SkyVu Beta Tester, member Posts: 10 Clan Account
edited November 2017 in Clan Talk
“You don’t have to lag to be good.” -@Lebrontasaurus, former S8 Leader and Co-Leader

“Only YOU can change your life, when people pull you down, always get back up. If you want your life to change, the only person who can make that happen is YOU.” -@14_Pineapples, former S8 Co-Leader

“Make S8 great again.” -@Oops_killed_ya Former Leader of S8 v4

S8 Leader:
@Impulsive (jxhnny.) [Absol]

S8 Co-Leaders:
Roba (Ho.longwei) [Whitearmor2k]
Omega (timothymarkfeld1) [-Omega-]


S8 Members:
@Nightmares (color_splashh) [Galaxy Eyes] IN
@LiveYoungWildFree (GalacticHunter) [TheLastOfUs/Arhcangel]IN

S8 Members Without Forums:
Elias (eliasjin98) IN
Anthony (YA_HOO_Mason) [Royalty]IN
AZN (azn_boi_super) [AZN] IN
Gio (mr.bítch.plz) [M.B.P.] IN

1. No double-clanning.
2. Respect all members.
3. No disturbing content.
4. No stacking(Speed is allowed.)/OP sets.
5. No spying or trash talking.
6. Read this forum post and acknowledge it.
7. Have a kik or a forums account. (Just to get in touch with you.)

1. Can't be in any clans.
2. Must have 100,000 skill rank.
3. Must pass a tryout.

-[:S8:] Storm: Members with this rank are very experienced. They show good teamwork and are capable of winning 1v1s or team matches.

-[.S8.] Typhoon: Members with this rank are highly skilled and show exceptional abilites.

-[*S8*] Hurricane: Members with this rank show pure skill and they are extremely good. Getting this rank is rare and will not be easy.

-[.:S8:.] General: Members with this rank are the most elite. They have shown their talent on more than one occasion.

-[S8-C] Co-Leader: This rank represents the person/people who spend their time bettering, and taking care of the clan. Co-Leaders must show unfaltering dedication, dependability, and trustworthiness to the clan. These people are chosen by the leader.

-[S8-L] Leader: "Good luck getting this rank!"

Special thanks to Roba and @Timothy for having the idea and helping revive S8 for BBG.

How to Join:
Kik 'jxhnny.' , 'Ho.longwei' , or 'timothymarkfeld1' in order to set up a tryout, or you could pm @Impulsive via forums.

The S8 Clan account is managed by the S8 leaders (who would've guessed)

Youtube Channel
Everyplay Channel
Clan Website


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