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The Sherbet Triplets: An Art Series

Assassins_AceAssassins_Ace Member Posts: 226 Recruit
Before anyone asks me what I use...
Devices: IPad Pro & the Apple Pencil
Program (App): Procreate
I don't know if this place is still active or if I should post these on my activities wall but anyways let's just see how it goes. This is the first of the art series with Astoria and the Sherbet Triplets. This is Astoria's first encounter with huggables but these lil cuties are more intrigued with catching fireflies or anything brightly lighted I guess. Also Astoria haves more of a human looking figure for many reasons. Firstly, I wanted to improve on my humane figure drawing, of which I have almost no skills with. Secondly, no matter how I try to design Astoria whether it be how she originally looks, her new generation look or any kind of designs I come up for her, it just doesn't feel right for me. More importantly though I am just a horrible artist when it comes to "cartoonish" designs. I'm not even being modest here, I just have no redeeming quality with drawing anything cartoony. At first I wanted to tell my own story and background for each of the artworks I'll post but I'll let you try to intrepret the story first before I do. I have recordings of my art process but I don't know if others want to watch them. If you do just let me know and I'll be more than happy to put together the video. Anyways I hope you like the art series!

Tracked Time: 17h16m
"Ember In The Night"


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